It’s Winter: Time to Get Ready for Summer Camp!

At the time this blog entry is written the Northeast coast of the United States is under a blanket of white. Snowstorm upon snowstorm has inundated the region with feet of snow while below freezing temperatures have kept it from melting. People who live there are cold, tired, and in need of relief. What a perfect time to start thinking about summer camp for your young family.

The concept of summer camp has change considerably since the days of Allen Sherman’s “Hello Mudda, Hello Fadduh!”┬áIt’s no longer just cabins along the lake, swim lessons, and sing-alongs around the campfire. It’s now art, science, dance, and even space. Take a look at sites like and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of choices around your area and across the country.

Despite the amount of camps offering summer programs, waiting until the last minute to enroll your children can cause harm. These camps fill up fast, especially those featuring one specialty or another. Sign up late and there’s a chance your children won’t get in or you’ll pay a hefty fee to get them in. This is why researching and signing up now, during the brutal weeks of winter, is the best time. Plus, if your snowed in, what else do you have to do? Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Do your research

Don’t rely on the pictures and testimonials on a camp’s website to get an idea of what’s in store for your child. What they may show may not be what it’s truly like. As you would with a hotel or a restaurant, look for reviews on the camp at websites like

Ask your kids

Don’t just pick a camp and say, “Hey, kids, guess where you’re going this summer?” They may not want to do to magic camp, which means an investment down the drain. Sit your kids down with a list of potential camps and let them choose the top three they want to attend.

Pay now

Like many vacation destinations, summer camps may offer incentives to customers to pay early. This could include waiving the deposit, reduced fees for a stay, or even a free week. Read the fine print, as usual, to make sure you’re getting a good deal. In addition, check the deadline for each camp you choose to ensure you pay on time.

Purchase supplies now

Sleeping bags, canteens, and backpacks are not seasonal items — they’re available all year. Now is a perfect time to purchase these items since most people won’t be camping in knee-deep snow. But don’t wait too long — prices on these items may skyrocket as soon as the first flower is seen growing out of a pile of snow.

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