Why Hobbies Save You Money

Have you ever found yourself looking to buy something because you are bored? Maybe you’re a stronger person than I am, but usually when I am bored, I have trouble embracing it. I am always on the go. There’s always something else to do – or so it seems. Whether it’s dishes to be washed, the apartment to be cleaned, bills to be paid, or more homework for grad school. There’s always something to do.

You can’t do something all the time though. Sometimes you just need a little “down-time”. A time to relax and catch up with that much needed rest. Yet, as I mentioned, I have trouble being bored. This usually resorts in a little facebook stalking, frequently checking emails, and last but certainly not least, looking for something to buy.

Why Boredom Can Lead to Spending Unnecessary Money

Whether you realize it or not, I would venture a guess that many of you do the same thing. If you are looking for something to do, our culture subtly teaches us that we should buy something. Many people go to the Malls to hang out with their friends. I feel a strong correlation here. Stereotypes tell us that stay at home moms or dads spend their times doing errands, which equates to going to different stores. It’s no wonder that we naturally lead to buy things when we are bored.

When I find myself looking for things to buy (or adding to my wishlist on Amazon), I justify it with various reasons. My best defense is that by shopping when I don’t need to buy something, I can be aware of the ‘going-rates’ and ensure that I get the best price whenever I do buy that item. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The only down side is that I often buy more stuff when I am shopping. This is part of the reason that my wife does the grocery shopping. I know myself too well at this point to know that I will splurge. I am someone who will see the items at the end of the aisle and tell myself that I NEED that.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Spending

A great way to cut out this spending and save money is to find a hobby. Whether it is growing a vegetable garden or staying active, it will help curb this spending. In essence, it keeps you distracted. Because it is a hobby and you enjoy it (or at least, should enjoy it), you won’t feel like you need to buy something to get through the day. (I’m convinced that people who hate their jobs often have this mentality.) Instead, it helps you define yourself not by shopping or buying unnecessary items and keeps you out of debt.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy doing?

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  1. I love decor and devour decorating projects (usually diy) and magazines. Of course there’s hgtv too 😉

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