Why Buying a TV is Complicated

It was just recently that I told my wife that we should (not need, because it isn’t a necessary expense) upgrade from our 19in TV. The main reason that I wanted to upgrade is because we don’t use our current TV because it is too small and too far away. No joke – it is much better to watch movies on our 15 in laptop screen when it is 1-2 feet away on our coffee table than our TV that is 6 feet away. How sad is that?

My Research for TV’s

I had not bought a TV in over 5 years. It has been a while since I had even looked at TV’s and I knew that I needed to do my research before going to buy a new TV. There were all these acronyms and numbers (LCD, LED, HDTV, 1080, 720) that I didn’t know what they meant. I had all of these questions…

Which TV is better?

Which TV is the best option?

How much should I spend?

Reason for doing Research

While many of my friends told me that I am over-thinking the process, I have a firm commitment to buying quality products. I never want to buy something (that is more than $50 or so) without doing my homework. I want to make sure that I am getting the most for my money. While some people try to find the cheapest product, I want to get the best quality without having to pay an arm and a leg. Basically, I research for the best product within my price range.

What TV I Bought and Why

As it turns out, my wife and I bought the Phillips 32 inch LED HDTV (720). While there were a few other slimmer and cheaper models, we elected for the reasonably priced nice model. We wanted to get an LED model because I had read many reviews saying that LED is not only more efficient but a better lighting source.

While it was a quality price, we really wanted to get it because of the wifi capabilities since we don’t have cable. This means that we can not only connect to the internet and watch videos online, but we can also connect to our computer wirelessly. This beats having to hook up the computer each time we want to watch streaming movies.

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  1. Since we are married we have never bought a TV, and don’t have a cable simply because we didn’t want to spend money and time for watching something that is not useful.
    But recently I’m thinking about watching Tv without cable using our computer. In this way we can see on large screen all our favorite programs or videos.

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