Weighing up whether to splash on kids clothes

Tiny dresses for 100 pounds or more? While designer kids’ clothing may look adorable, is it really worth all the money? It turns out that, as with everything, there are pros and cons. Read on to learn more about whether you should part with your hard-earned money and splurge on designer duds for your little cutie-pie.

Designer Gear: The Pros

While designer clothes for your child may cost a lot more than normal clothes, you have to admit they show much better craftsmanship and texture. The top designers put a lot of time and effort into making clothing that will last, as well as keeping the current styles in mind. And just like with everything else, the old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies. You have to pay more for quality, and if quality is important to you, then you should pay for it.

Designer clothes also tend to offer more unique styles and colors. There’s a reason they call it wearable art. By investing in fashionable, high-end clothing for your kids, you are teaching them a valuable lesson in expressing their creativity and unique individual style by what they choose to wear. Later, you’ll see that your kids have developed a sense of their own style, as well as good taste.

Finally, the world is a competitive place and unfortunately, people judge based on appearances. People can be cruel, and it could be a good idea to give your kids a leg up in this department with training in good fashion sense. You don’t want to be the parent of the kid that gets accosted by the fashion police!

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Cons

While the reasons outlined above are all well and good, many people find the cost of designer clothing prohibitive. Would you rather be able to eat for the month, or shop for designer baby clothes? How about things like heating and lights? Therefore, you’ll need to prioritize and determine how designer clothes and luxury items fit into your budget.

Additionally, kids grow fast, and any parent knows how quickly they can outgrow a piece of clothing. Designer clothes are no different, and how will you feel when Baby Jane has outgrown that 300 pound Burberry dress after three months? For young children who grow quickly, it may be better to construct an elegant outfit out of cheaper alternatives.

The Verdict?

Naturally, you will have to strike a balance between your desire for designer clothes and your budget. A good compromise could be to buy only a few items for special occasions, such as formal family gatherings, weddings, and other such events. Depending on your budget, you can add more items as your kids get older and develop more appreciation for beautiful clothes. But it’s never too early to get started appreciating good taste!

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