Tiny House Resources: Where to Find All You Need to Design a Tiny Home

Overconsumption has been has been newsworthy for centuries. Overuse of land, electricity, water and creation of McMansions have taken place long before the first settlers arrived in Jamestown. With populations across the globe growing and the threat of climate change looming, plenty of people are wondering what will be left for the next generations.

Those running the quiet  aren’t so concerned. People involved in this movement have pared down their life to the essentials in order to move into a home no bigger than 500 square feet. Portable yet comfortable, these types of environmentally conscious homes are growing in popularity. You may be considering downsizing your young family into such a home; however, you don’t know where to look for resources to begin your journey. Here are a few resources that may provide guidance.

Local Library

Enter the words ‘Tiny Home’ or ‘Tiny House’ into the search engine of your local library and you’ll find a good deal of material that can help you understand the Tiny House movement. Some may be memoirs discussing an individual’s journey constructing a small home to books with templates for various designs.


A search on Tiny Homes on Amazon produced these results. There’s a plethora of material available at this website for a small cost. They’re even cheaper on Kindle, which is great to carry around when designing your own small home.


Sites across the Internet offer Tiny House classes for free or a small fee. On the free side, TinyHouseBuild.com provides a seven-day class that takes students through the entire process of small home construction. On the cost side is the $97 course offered by Tiny House Family. Those looking for steps to downsize and transition should look to the $97 course offered by Comet Camper.

House Plans

You’ll need a plan to build your tiny house once you and your young family understand what needs to be done. You can definitely hire an architect to design a blueprint, but that may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, thus reducing your already tight construction budget. The alternate is to search for designs on the Internet. One such place is the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. This site offers plans for both mobile and sedentary home. Most can be downloaded for free while others, like 3D plans, cost a small amount.

Interior Decorating

Bless Pinterest. The social media sites for photos has hundreds of images featuring interior designs of small homes. Should you be interested in more details on what you can do in your tiny home you can search a site like home-designing.com or Tiny House Magazine. Like downloading books on Tiny Homes to Kindle or Nook, having a digital copy of these magazines may help out during construction.

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