The Cost of Being Sick

Being sick sucks. For some reason or another, my immune system has done a poor job of fighting of illnesses lately. Luckily, it’s not been anything major, but it has been persistent. I’ve had to take two sick days off in the past week and haven’t had much time to get things done. It has left me wondering of the cost of being sick.

No one likes to be sick (or maybe some people do so they can stay home from the job that they don’t like). It is a major inconvenience. It costs more and causes at least a small disruption in your everyday schedule. Have you ever considered the complete cost of being sick? If so, it might make you think twice about making sure you are getting enough rest, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough exercise.

Financial Costs of Being Sick

Being sick can put a strain on your wallet. That’s right – it costs you MONEY. First, it’s the trip to the Doctor’s office. Beyond the menial things like gas, there is the co-pay fee. If you haven’t met your deductible for the year, it might even be more than the co-pay. If there is a true emergency, an emergency room visit will most likely cost you even more. Every time I am forced to pay these fees I am disgusted at how much health care really costs families.

Once you’ve left the doctor’s office, you may have to get a prescription filled, thereby costing you even more money. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Being sick often means you don’t have time to cook or shop, so you are left buying pre-made meals from the convenience store because every minute on your feet means one less minute to rest and get over the illness.

Social Disruption of Being Sick

You can also experience a social disruption as a result of being sick. This can come in many ways. Whether it is pressure from your boss or having to catch up on emails and voice mails when you return from being out, it can add a little pressure. If you are responsible for taking care of the household chores, your home could be left in ruins for many days until you get back on your feet. It can be hard to deal with this change.

Being sick sucks. It’s that simple. It throws everything off and forces you to deal with the change from the normal. I hope to get over these sicknesses soon and get back to normal.

Have you experienced any major disruptions from being sick?

3 Responses to The Cost of Being Sick

  1. There’s never a convenient time to get sick. In college, I always got sick on breaks. It was as if my body knew I had some downtime so it was time for my immune system to also take a break.

    In the spring, I went on a road trip for a competitive sport I play. I got so sick on the way, I didn’t get to participate. I had to go to urgent care ($75) and get a hotel room for the night instead of couch crashing (another $75). It was rough, but the hotel room was so worth it since I had a fever, viral ear infection and bacterial sinus infection.

    -Christian L.

  2. If you work hourly being sick can majorly disrupt your pay, too. Not only do you have limited resources, but also the added costs you talk about. Time to cover some extra shifts!

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