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A Las Vegas Vacation: Right for Your Family?

Ah, Las Vegas. Sin City. Home of luxurious resorts, celebrity chef dining, non-stop gambling and outrageous electric bills from all the lights. Every year millions of visitors from across the globe trek to this desert oasis to forget about the troubles of their everyday lives and potentially start new ones as they give up their homes for some extra Blackjack chips. It’s an adult playground full of vice, sin, and insane bottled water prices.Continue Reading

Travel Spending: Yet More Tips to Save Money on Vacation

We’re here again, the time of year people call vacation, holiday, or time off. Be it a few days or a few weeks, folks pack bags, stop the mail and head out on the road for a new adventure. Most of the times these quests are full of excitement and wonder. However, there are some vacations loaded down with dread and despair as funds for various accommodations and activities dwindle. This can cut a vacation short and make a young family quite miserable.Continue Reading

Five Common Sense Things You Can Do to Save Money

Saving money. The concept sounds simple enough — pay all of your bills on time, put some away for spending and store the rest in an emergency or savings account. It’s feels logical and the right thing to do, especially when starting out as a young family. Yet for many, saving money is a far-off wish. With unexpected payments and cost increases in things like medical treatment and groceries, it seems paychecks don’t go as far as they used to. Even when folks receive a raise it doesn’t do enough to stem the outflow of money from their bank account.Continue Reading

Do I Need To …?

Personal finance is a tricky business for young families. Things can change so quickly during the start of a relationship that questions can pile up on top of each other. It can get so daunting that some of those questions can be forgotten, resulting in loss funds or a unforeseen situation. This can cause frustrationContinue Reading

Preparing to Start a Young Family

You and your partner have tried for the longest time, and now you’re about to bring a newborn into this world to start your young family. It’s a period of elation for both of you as you plan for your and the child’s future. However, it’s also when most new parents panic at the costs they’re about to incur in getting their residence and themselves ready for a new addition to their family. Some go a bit crazy and over-prepare, while others don’t do enough ahead of time and need to crisis shop once the baby arrives. Either way, unnecessary money is spent.Continue Reading