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Do I Need To …?

Personal finance is a tricky business for young families. Things can change so quickly during the start of a relationship that questions can pile up on top of each other. It can get so daunting that some of those questions can be forgotten, resulting in loss funds or a unforeseen situation. This can cause frustrationContinue Reading

The Dos and Don’ts of Coupons

Everyone wants to save money on groceries, and they go about it in different ways. Some people pay with cash so they don’t overspend while others reduce the amount of one item in order to purchase another. The most common thing young families do to save money is use coupons. A trademark of grocery shopping for decades, the utilization of coupons has increased since the days of the Great Recession.Continue Reading

Preparing For Another Tax Season

There are some things that are fairly regular in the life of a young family. For example, the celebration of birthdays and a wedding anniversary, the first official lawn mowing, oil changes, and visits by family members. And there’s one other thing that comes on time each year — tax filing; however, what gets filed may not be same as the year before.Continue Reading

An Auto-Free Zone: Can You Live Without a Car?

Let’s get down to the brass facts — owning a vehicle is expensive. Repairs, general maintenance, and constant refueling can cost a young family thousands of dollars a year. Throw in auto insurance, and a large percentage of your household budget can be taken up by one or both of your cars. There are probably moments where you sit in front of your paper or virtual spreadsheet of numbers and absently wonder if you actually need a car. This is followed by a chuckle and a resumption of the budget process.Continue Reading

Forget the Past and Focus on the Financial Future

The new year is upon us, and with it comes a blank canvas to paint a successful financial. life for yourself and your young family over the next 12 months. You’re looking forward to reducing your debt, paying for projects with cash instead of credit, and living within your means to reach a comfort level you never thought attainable. From your standpoint, the future is looking bright.Continue Reading

Satellite Radio: Is it Worth the Cost?

Face it, commercial radio isn’t what it used to be when you were younger. Once filled with personality and music for varying tastes, today’s radio stations sound very similar, caustic, and somewhat boring. This is a problem for you and your young family, especially on a long ride in the car. You’re looking for something else, besides a built-in DVD player, to keep your and your kids awake while driving.Continue Reading

Navigating the World of Job Auction Sites

Years of working in the same cubicle at the same job doing the same thing day after day have made you reconsider your career choice. Sure, the pay is good and helps provide for your young family; however, you need to do something else to recharge and make you interested in doing work. Since you can no longer stand to stare at the drab fabric walls of your cubicle, you decide to go freelance, using your skills to help others on an independent basis.Continue Reading

It’s Christmas! Don’t Panic.

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a time of decorating the house, enjoying the company of friends and family, filling the kitchen with the aromas of gingerbread, and wringing your hands at the ever-growing pile of receipts from various physical and Internet stores. Yes, the period from Black Friday til Christmas Eve can be the most stressful for young families as One More Thing Disease keeps you in the stores with a cartful of items you’ll probably never use. This can cause stress and anxiety that is definitely not needed.Continue Reading