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Fossil, Hybrid or Electric: What Car is Right For Your Family

To quote Mr. Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changin’. The zero carbon movement is in full swing. People are switching to wind or solar for their electricity, recycling and composting their trash, walking or biking to their destinations and trying to live as environmentally conscious as they can. You and your young family are doing so as well…at least to the best of you ability. You eat fewer processed foods, bike to your destinations with your kids and keep the air conditioner at 78 degrees or higher. You think you’re doing well, except for the type of car you drive.Continue Reading

Airline Finance: How to Save Money When Flying

Airfare isn’t cheap these days. No matter if you encounter a sale or use a sight like Orbits, you may end up paying several hundred dollars for a round-trip flight. Throw in a spouse and a few kids and the price to fly instead of drive can reach $1000 or more. It almost makes the head of a young family feel like canceling a vacation and looking for local attractions. How can you save money is a situation like this? Well, you have to think of the items and events that surround the flight. Things like transportation and toiletries, for example — these are where you get back some of the money you invested on airline tickets. Here are a few examples of what we mean.Continue Reading

An Auto-Free Zone: Can You Live Without a Car?

Let’s get down to the brass facts — owning a vehicle is expensive. Repairs, general maintenance, and constant refueling can cost a young family thousands of dollars a year. Throw in auto insurance, and a large percentage of your household budget can be taken up by one or both of your cars. There are probably moments where you sit in front of your paper or virtual spreadsheet of numbers and absently wonder if you actually need a car. This is followed by a chuckle and a resumption of the budget process.Continue Reading

The Finances of Eating Out Versus Eating In

As a youngster there is nothing more exciting than piling into the car and driving out to a restaurant for a meal. New smells, different foods, and a change of atmosphere tend to raise your spirits, especially when it comes to ordering desert. However, as you reach adulthood and have a family of your own, some of these feelings change when you become the person paying for these experiences. And as you drive to another restaurant where the menu prices are larger than your car payment, you have to wonder if it’s financially worth dining out as opposed to eating a home-cooked meal. To work through some of the pros and cons, here is a comparison of the financial sanity between going out to eat and dining in.Continue Reading