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Penny Pinchers: Is It Okay To Be Cheap?

Extreme Couponing and Extreme Cheapskates are two cable programs which highlight those people who attempt to squeeze every ounce out of their collected pennies – people who are cheap. In Couponing, viewers can look on with both shock and amazement as shoppers purchase $1,000 worth of products for only one dollar. In Cheapskates, viewers can watch as someone decides to start a date by eating free chips and salsa and running out on the actual meal.Continue Reading

How to Determine if a Tiny House is in Your Future

The Tiny House movement is in full swing. From numerous books on the subject, to the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small, to the new series Tiny House Nation, individuals and young families are rethinking their living requirements. Why do they need to reside in a large apartment or home when they could live and flourish in an area 500 square feet or smaller? There are definitely benefits to owning a tiny home. First, they save monthly mortgage payments since most tiny houses are paid for ahead of time. Second, depending on the height of the tiny house, it can be transported across the country like a recreational vehicle, allowing the owner to avoid items like utility bills and property taxes.Continue Reading

Going Local: How to Shop at a Farmers’ Market

Go back to last fall. You and your young family spent a number of weeks canning or freezing pounds of summer and fall produce in preparation for the cold winter months. Now, your pantry and freezer are almost empty and your garden hasn’t’t started to sprout quite yet. You need to find a place to satisfy your cravings for seasonal produce. The supermarket is out, since most of the items there aren’t to your liking. So, where can you go to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies?Continue Reading

Why You Need to Get Out of Debt

Debt has been in the news as of late, whether it’s a discussion of the government debt ceiling or the accumulated student loan debt of college students. Then there’s the continued issue young families have with consumer debt, which averages around $15,000 per household. The first debt problem is something politicians need to handle at some point in time. The other two issues are solely in the laps of young families. Yet some folks want to pretend that debt isn’t there.Continue Reading