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Is Amazon Prime worth the price?

Ninety-nine dollars. A hefty price to pay for an annual subscription to anything, let alone an Internet service. Yet, this is what Amazon charges for its Prime service, and it’s a big winner for the company. Tens of millions of users have paid the $99 fee to watch free movies and TV shows, read books, listen to music, and get free deliveries. In other words, it’s Netflix, Pandora, and, well, Amazon, all tied into one.Continue Reading

Back to the Market: More Ways to Save Money on Food

How’s food shopping going these days? A bit expensive, isn’t it? Yes, it seems everything from meat to dairy is going up in price. Even staples like canned vegetables are increasing. Some of this is due to shortages of crops and animal products. The rest is due to the business of food retail.Continue Reading

Three Important Things to Say Before You Pay for Something

The pressure to pay and spend money comes from all avenues. Salespeople tempt you with intriguing purchases, advertisements try to lure you into withdrawing money from the ATM and family members seem to have their hands out, literary or figuratively, every time you walk in the door. Getting around these obstacles can be so daunting that many folks give up and just dole out the money to avoid further frustration.Continue Reading

Reuse, Not Refuse: Five Items to Repurpose to Save Money

Let’s face it, we’re a wasteful society. According to a 2008 study by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans produced 1.35 billion gallons of garbage each day. We’ve gotten better in the last few years thanks to the increase of recycling and composting, but we still throw away an inordinate amount of . This is especially true if you have a young family. Between wasted food, worn out clothes, and other sundries, some young family dispose of more than the average 5 pounds a day.Continue Reading

How to Not Live in the Material World

One of Madonna’s numerous hits in the 1980s was a little ditty titled Material Girl. In it, Madonna talked about all the guys she dated in the past and how the presents they gave her mattered more than the relationships she had with them. In the end, she declared that she was as material girl. Three decades later, not much has changed.Continue Reading