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Despite What Your Kids Might Say, It’s Almost Time For School

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of young parents breathing a sigh of relief as they passed the hump of the July 4th holiday season. They now look at the calendar and discover that it won’t be long before their children switch out their pails and shovels for lunch bags and backpacks. Yes, a new school year is right around the corner, despite what your children might say.Continue Reading

Gas or Charcoal — What’s the Best Grill for Your Money?

It’s grill season! Yes, that sentence does deserve an exclamation point, because it’s a glorious time for many young parents in the audience. It’s a time to clean off the utensils, scrape down the cooking elements and purchase the appropriate heating materials that make their meats and vegetables taste that much better. For some, the start of grilling season is more important than the Super Bowl and the premiere of The Walking Dead combined.Continue Reading

Travel Spending: Yet More Tips to Save Money on Vacation

We’re here again, the time of year people call vacation, holiday, or time off. Be it a few days or a few weeks, folks pack bags, stop the mail and head out on the road for a new adventure. Most of the times these quests are full of excitement and wonder. However, there are some vacations loaded down with dread and despair as funds for various accommodations and activities dwindle. This can cut a vacation short and make a young family quite miserable.Continue Reading

From Garden to Table: Why Home Gardens are Both Fun and Inexpensive

The Farm to Table movement has become increasingly common. Many restaurants are now offering menus that change anywhere from weekly to each season depending on what local fruits, vegetables and grain crops are available. Markets like Whole Foods now carry produce and meat picked up daily from local farms. The same practice is now movingContinue Reading

What to Teach Your Children About Money

In these times, when many young families are still digging themselves out of debt after the Great Recession, talking to your kids about money should rank up there with discussions on drugs, sex and why Justin Beiber should be deported. You may not want to believe it now because they’re still in elementary school, but your children are the next generation of leaders, and they need to learn from our mistakes before they continue the trend of overspending without the available funds.Continue Reading

Prepackaged or Homemade: The Least Expensive Ways to Fill Your Thanksgiving Table

The barren tress, colder weather, and dwindling Halloween candy can only mean one thing for your young family — Thanksgiving is almost here. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, families spent an average of $41 for a 10-person Thanksgiving feast in 2011. This will probably be a bit more in 2013 due to rise in items such as poultry and prepackaged boxes of stuffing or potatoes. However, you may not have to spend this much depending on how you prepare your meal.Continue Reading

Powering Down: Ways to Save Money on Utilities

Have you noticed a thin and raw spot of scalp at the top of your head? Don’t worry, you’re not going bald – yet. The spot is due to the amount of scratching you every time you review your utility bill. No matter how much you try to save electricity, gas, and water, the monthly payment keeps inching up. Not only is this worrisome, it places a burden on a family budget you have expertly crafted. Fortunately, you can stop scratching that spot on your head, because there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the costs of your utilities.Continue Reading

Summer Savings: How to Have More Fun with Less Money

Summer is now in full swing, and your wallet or purse is feeling its pinch. Between dance practice, acting lessons, pool memberships, and your planned vacation, the paycheck isn’t going very far. The way it looks, you may run out of money and turn your kids into repeating “I’m bored” machines. The good news is there are ways to pare down costs and stretch your dollars a bit more. Here are some suggestions for a fun, yet cheaper, summer.Continue Reading

Why Buy When You Can Swap?

Long before the first coin exchanged hands, people tended to barter with each other for a product or needed task. This practice of swapping one skill or object for another faded as cash became the way to garner goods and services. However, thanks to the Great Recession and the Internet, the swap has made a strong comeback. If you can pack it, ship it, or get to the destination, you can trade for work, clothing, and books. Even some local organizations within your community or government allow you to swap unused items for ones you need. Below are some modern-day swaps for your consideration.Continue Reading

The Three R’s of Green Consumerism

When you and your spouse decide to start a new family, one of the items discussed is how your legacy can be transferred to the next generation. Sure, you can make certain they have all the needed comforts now and when they leave the nest, and you can teach them the best ways to invest their money for a fruitful future, but more is needed. Hence, the reason why you want to teach your children how to be green consumers. As the economy shifts ever closer to an environmentally-conscious state, the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle becomes ever more important for the generation that follows you. However, it may not stick with your children if you don’t practice what you preach in the present. To help you along this path, here are some ways you can use the three environmental R’s to become a green consumer and save money.Continue Reading