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It’s Winter: Time to Get Ready for Summer Camp!

At the time this blog entry is written the Northeast coast of the United States is under a blanket of white. Snowstorm upon snowstorm has inundated the region with feet of snow while below freezing temperatures have kept it from melting. People who live there are cold, tired, and in need of relief. What a perfect time to start thinking about summer camp for your young family.Continue Reading

Is Amazon Prime worth the price?

Ninety-nine dollars. A hefty price to pay for an annual subscription to anything, let alone an Internet service. Yet, this is what Amazon charges for its Prime service, and it’s a big winner for the company. Tens of millions of users have paid the $99 fee to watch free movies and TV shows, read books, listen to music, and get free deliveries. In other words, it’s Netflix, Pandora, and, well, Amazon, all tied into one.Continue Reading

The Costs of Creating a Small Business

Like the Great Depression remade the landscape of the United States in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Great Recession of the 21st century shook up the employment universe. Jobs vanished and never returned, those who survived received a substantial cut on salary or benefits and hiring became a much tougher challenge. Many of those affected went back to school to obtain a degree and start a new career from scratch. Others gave up on working for someone else and decided to create their own small business.Continue Reading

How to Determine if a Tiny House is in Your Future

The Tiny House movement is in full swing. From numerous books on the subject, to the documentary TINY: A Story About Living Small, to the new series Tiny House Nation, individuals and young families are rethinking their living requirements. Why do they need to reside in a large apartment or home when they could live and flourish in an area 500 square feet or smaller? There are definitely benefits to owning a tiny home. First, they save monthly mortgage payments since most tiny houses are paid for ahead of time. Second, depending on the height of the tiny house, it can be transported across the country like a recreational vehicle, allowing the owner to avoid items like utility bills and property taxes.Continue Reading

Three Important Things to Say Before You Pay for Something

The pressure to pay and spend money comes from all avenues. Salespeople tempt you with intriguing purchases, advertisements try to lure you into withdrawing money from the ATM and family members seem to have their hands out, literary or figuratively, every time you walk in the door. Getting around these obstacles can be so daunting that many folks give up and just dole out the money to avoid further frustration.Continue Reading

Fossil, Hybrid or Electric: What Car is Right For Your Family

To quote Mr. Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changin’. The zero carbon movement is in full swing. People are switching to wind or solar for their electricity, recycling and composting their trash, walking or biking to their destinations and trying to live as environmentally conscious as they can. You and your young family are doing so as well…at least to the best of you ability. You eat fewer processed foods, bike to your destinations with your kids and keep the air conditioner at 78 degrees or higher. You think you’re doing well, except for the type of car you drive.Continue Reading

Lunchtime: Sources to Find Delicious and Inexpensive School Lunch Recipes

The school lunch has drastically changed over the last decade or so. Gone is the typical sandwich/fruit/drink combination. These days the typical student lunch is full of protein, produce, grains, and plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep children engaged in class. Even school cafeterias are making these shifts in lunchtime nutrition, throwing out the French fries and beef burgers for sweet potato fries and turkey burgers. Many schools now have a salad bar where students must stop first before heading into the line.Continue Reading

Five Common Sense Things You Can Do to Save Money

Saving money. The concept sounds simple enough — pay all of your bills on time, put some away for spending and store the rest in an emergency or savings account. It’s feels logical and the right thing to do, especially when starting out as a young family. Yet for many, saving money is a far-off wish. With unexpected payments and cost increases in things like medical treatment and groceries, it seems paychecks don’t go as far as they used to. Even when folks receive a raise it doesn’t do enough to stem the outflow of money from their bank account.Continue Reading

Going Local: How to Shop at a Farmers’ Market

Go back to last fall. You and your young family spent a number of weeks canning or freezing pounds of summer and fall produce in preparation for the cold winter months. Now, your pantry and freezer are almost empty and your garden hasn’t’t started to sprout quite yet. You need to find a place to satisfy your cravings for seasonal produce. The supermarket is out, since most of the items there aren’t to your liking. So, where can you go to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies?Continue Reading

Prepackaged or Homemade: The Least Expensive Ways to Fill Your Thanksgiving Table

The barren tress, colder weather, and dwindling Halloween candy can only mean one thing for your young family — Thanksgiving is almost here. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, families spent an average of $41 for a 10-person Thanksgiving feast in 2011. This will probably be a bit more in 2013 due to rise in items such as poultry and prepackaged boxes of stuffing or potatoes. However, you may not have to spend this much depending on how you prepare your meal.Continue Reading