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Lunchtime: Sources to Find Delicious and Inexpensive School Lunch Recipes

The school lunch has drastically changed over the last decade or so. Gone is the typical sandwich/fruit/drink combination. These days the typical student lunch is full of protein, produce, grains, and plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep children engaged in class. Even school cafeterias are making these shifts in lunchtime nutrition, throwing out the French fries and beef burgers for sweet potato fries and turkey burgers. Many schools now have a salad bar where students must stop first before heading into the line.Continue Reading

Your Financial Perseverance: How Bad Do You Want It?

Over the last year or so, we at Young Family Finance have provided you with tips and plans on how to make you and your young family as financially stable as possible. We’ve given advice on insurance, home shopping, car purchases, schooling and vacation planning. We told you where your money should be at this time and provided encouragement to reach your goals. You’ve read many of our articles, agreed with them and then went back to watching cat videos.Continue Reading

Do I Need To …?

Personal finance is a tricky business for young families. Things can change so quickly during the start of a relationship that questions can pile up on top of each other. It can get so daunting that some of those questions can be forgotten, resulting in loss funds or a unforeseen situation. This can cause frustrationContinue Reading

The Finances of Eating Out Versus Eating In

As a youngster there is nothing more exciting than piling into the car and driving out to a restaurant for a meal. New smells, different foods, and a change of atmosphere tend to raise your spirits, especially when it comes to ordering desert. However, as you reach adulthood and have a family of your own, some of these feelings change when you become the person paying for these experiences. And as you drive to another restaurant where the menu prices are larger than your car payment, you have to wonder if it’s financially worth dining out as opposed to eating a home-cooked meal. To work through some of the pros and cons, here is a comparison of the financial sanity between going out to eat and dining in.Continue Reading

Summer Savings: How to Have More Fun with Less Money

Summer is now in full swing, and your wallet or purse is feeling its pinch. Between dance practice, acting lessons, pool memberships, and your planned vacation, the paycheck isn’t going very far. The way it looks, you may run out of money and turn your kids into repeating “I’m bored” machines. The good news is there are ways to pare down costs and stretch your dollars a bit more. Here are some suggestions for a fun, yet cheaper, summer.Continue Reading

The Three R’s of Green Consumerism

When you and your spouse decide to start a new family, one of the items discussed is how your legacy can be transferred to the next generation. Sure, you can make certain they have all the needed comforts now and when they leave the nest, and you can teach them the best ways to invest their money for a fruitful future, but more is needed. Hence, the reason why you want to teach your children how to be green consumers. As the economy shifts ever closer to an environmentally-conscious state, the phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle becomes ever more important for the generation that follows you. However, it may not stick with your children if you don’t practice what you preach in the present. To help you along this path, here are some ways you can use the three environmental R’s to become a green consumer and save money.Continue Reading

Saving Cash and the Environment at the Same Time

The environment is big news these days. From global warming and recycling to fracking, composting, and organics, everyone is trying to adapt to the ever-growing green economy. And whether you know it or not, your young family is at the heart of it all. Let’s face it, your children will inherit the effects, good or bad, that come with these initiatives as they reach adulthood. Luckily, there are numerous things you can do to ease the burdens on the environment around your home and, in turn, save money in the process. Below are a few examples of how your young family can contribute.Continue Reading

How to Buy the Right Car for Your Family

The purchase of a new vehicle for your young family can be more nerve-wracking than buying a home or selecting the right college for your children. With so many options to choose from, picking your next car is overwhelming, which may lead to a regrettable choice in the end. Like any other big decision, the purchase of an automobile should be done with clear head and a good deal of information collected ahead of time. Here are a few items to consider.Continue Reading

Did You Buy a Home Too Early?

My wife and I are getting really excited about moving in the next year. As a result of starting to plan for our move, we’ve started to think about buying a condo instead of renting. When we compare mortgage payments for condos that we would want to buy and the cost to rent a place, both options are about the same price. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are going to pay the same in rent, it is better to buy your own place and build equity than to rent forever.Continue Reading