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Is Amazon Prime worth the price?

Ninety-nine dollars. A hefty price to pay for an annual subscription to anything, let alone an Internet service. Yet, this is what Amazon charges for its Prime service, and it’s a big winner for the company. Tens of millions of users have paid the $99 fee to watch free movies and TV shows, read books, listen to music, and get free deliveries. In other words, it’s Netflix, Pandora, and, well, Amazon, all tied into one.Continue Reading

Does a Cable Subscription Make Sense Anymore?

Cable television seems like a slowly sinking ship. In 2013 alone 1.8 million people unsubscribed from their cable service. And why not? All the good shows are on premium channels you won’t pay for, the other channels are full of the commercials and the legacy networks aren’t producing the quality material you once new. Plus, there’s not really a need to subscribe to a cable package when you can see most shows on the Internet or binge watch them in locations like Netflix or Amazon Prime.Continue Reading

Cable, Satellite, or Neither: Which Television Solution is Right for Your Budget?

There’s a revolution going on in the world of television. The best shows are no longer relegated to the four and a half broadcast networks. Instead, they’re moving to the basic and premium cable channels, streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu, and even places like YouTube and DirectTV. In summary, there’s a whole lot of stuff being aired in many different places, which means consumers need to make a choice. Where the hardest decision to make was whether or not to pay for a channel like Showtime or HBO, now it comes down to whether or not you should keep your current service, switch to something else, or completely eliminate over-the-air channels.Continue Reading

Cutting the Cord: Lower Cost Alternatives to Cable

You’ve done many things to pare down expenses for your young family. You bike to work, clip coupons, cook more meals at home, installed low-flow shower heads and dual flush toilets in the bathrooms, and decided to forego your daily latte from the local Starbucks. While these have saved your family some money, you’re still looking for something else to reduce in order to put a huge chuck of money back into the budget. Well, perhaps the answer can be found on your flat screen television and the 3000 cable channels you no longer watch.Continue Reading