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Financial Advice: Why You Should Listen to the Experts

Dave Ramsey and Suzie Orman. These are two names many young families hear over the course of time when dealing with their finances. Both are very well-known financial personalities who have their own shows and books. They also appear across the country numerous times a year to promote their financial strategies to get rid of debt and build wealth. Listen to them on a regular basis and their advice is straightforward without any gimmicks. In fact, many of the things we mention on this blog line up with what these and other public financial advisors say.Continue Reading

Parenting and Finance: Should Allowances be Allowed?

The allowance — a decades-old ritual for children. Each week, kids young and old would step up to their parents, put out their hands, and be given precious cash. In the days of Way Back When, this was normally 50 cents or so. Today, an allowance can run parents several dollars a week.Continue Reading

I’ve Got the Music in my Stream: The Cost of Music Streaming Sites

The CD is dead, and we’re not talking about the Certificate of Deposit. Although, that has also faded over the years due to low interested rates. However, that’s for another entry. What we’re talking about are those shiny discs of music that replaced the venerable long-playing records back in the early 1980s. Sure, you still see some places selling them but with less frequency than before. In other words, you don’t sit at the entrance to the Wal-Mart waiting for the latest Taylor Swift release.Continue Reading

Crowdfunding: Is it Right for You?

The Internet has done many things for society. In addition to allowing us to see cute pet videos and friends and families taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge it has also brought strangers from across the globe together is a large, virtual social gathering. We share opinions, photos, videos, various links of importance or inanity and, in some circumstances, money. In many cases this is done in the form of crowdfunding.Continue Reading

School Savings: The Inexpensive Way to Go Back to College

Let’s not sugarcoat it — college is expensive. The average cost of a public college education in 2013 averaged $23,000. Double that for a private university. And it gets worse. Students aren’t paying for these annual payments with cash. They’re utilizing student loans, putting them in debt even before they graduate and adding extra pressure to them to choose a proper career choice. Put it all together, America is facing a trillion dollar student loan crisis. And a good portion of those in debt are those who have decided to go back to college after staying away.Continue Reading

Let’s Go House Hunting — Or Not

Spring and summer mean different things to young families. For some it’s a time of fun and adventure, while others anticipate a lengthy period of relaxation and recharging. And then there are those who don’t fit in either category. They’re the families who page through Trulia and Zillow looking for a new home to move into before the new school year begins.Continue Reading

Why You Need to Get Out of Debt

Debt has been in the news as of late, whether it’s a discussion of the government debt ceiling or the accumulated student loan debt of college students. Then there’s the continued issue young families have with consumer debt, which averages around $15,000 per household. The first debt problem is something politicians need to handle at some point in time. The other two issues are solely in the laps of young families. Yet some folks want to pretend that debt isn’t there.Continue Reading

Tax Season: Last Minute Tax Preparation

April is upon us, and thoughts are turning to some of the symbols connected with the month. For example, the Easter Bunny, daffodils, short sleeves and rain showers. Oh, and there’s one more thing…I can’t put my finger on it. Oh, yeah…TAXES!Continue Reading

What to Teach Your Children About Money

In these times, when many young families are still digging themselves out of debt after the Great Recession, talking to your kids about money should rank up there with discussions on drugs, sex and why Justin Beiber should be deported. You may not want to believe it now because they’re still in elementary school, but your children are the next generation of leaders, and they need to learn from our mistakes before they continue the trend of overspending without the available funds.Continue Reading

Preparing For Another Tax Season

There are some things that are fairly regular in the life of a young family. For example, the celebration of birthdays and a wedding anniversary, the first official lawn mowing, oil changes, and visits by family members. And there’s one other thing that comes on time each year — tax filing; however, what gets filed may not be same as the year before.Continue Reading