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Insuring Yourself: The Types of Insurance Available for Life

How much is your life worth? Sure, to your young family there is no finite amount; however, the rest of the world believes there is a price on your head. Well, at least one when you pass away or require care due to a disability or failing health. This is what insurance companies around the world believe and do their darndest to sell.Continue Reading

Dining Out, Dining Cheap: Ways to Lower Your Dining Out Budget

We love to eat out. According to a 2012 survey, 30% of Americans dined outside the home at least once a week, and a good portion of it was fast food. In a 2013 Gallup poll, a third of those questioned said they ate fast food at least once a month. Throw in the increase of fast casual dining places like Qdoba and casual restaurants like Applebee’s or Cheesecake Factory, and there are thousands of places to choose from when a young family isn’t interested in eating at home.Continue Reading

From Garden to Table: Why Home Gardens are Both Fun and Inexpensive

The Farm to Table movement has become increasingly common. Many restaurants are now offering menus that change anywhere from weekly to each season depending on what local fruits, vegetables and grain crops are available. Markets like Whole Foods now carry produce and meat picked up daily from local farms. The same practice is now movingContinue Reading

What to Teach Your Children About Money

In these times, when many young families are still digging themselves out of debt after the Great Recession, talking to your kids about money should rank up there with discussions on drugs, sex and why Justin Beiber should be deported. You may not want to believe it now because they’re still in elementary school, but your children are the next generation of leaders, and they need to learn from our mistakes before they continue the trend of overspending without the available funds.Continue Reading

Reuse, Not Refuse: Five Items to Repurpose to Save Money

Let’s face it, we’re a wasteful society. According to a 2008 study by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans produced 1.35 billion gallons of garbage each day. We’ve gotten better in the last few years thanks to the increase of recycling and composting, but we still throw away an inordinate amount of . This is especially true if you have a young family. Between wasted food, worn out clothes, and other sundries, some young family dispose of more than the average 5 pounds a day.Continue Reading

Do I Need To …?

Personal finance is a tricky business for young families. Things can change so quickly during the start of a relationship that questions can pile up on top of each other. It can get so daunting that some of those questions can be forgotten, resulting in loss funds or a unforeseen situation. This can cause frustrationContinue Reading