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Stock Market Volatility: Should You Be Worried?

Well, here we are again. The world is once more in upheaval, which seems like a regular thing these days. There’s a major pandemic breaking out in Africa, battles across the Middle East, threats between two superpowers, and the risk of recession in Europe, China and Japan. Of course the stock market is looking at this carefully, and this means it’s doing its usual crazy dance.Continue Reading

Timeshare = Timewaste: Why You Should Never Consider a Timeshare

You may have recently received an offer from a large hotel chain with the following information — stay at such-and-such resort for this low price during the summer. All they want in return is 90 minutes of your time to talk about their vacation timeshare program. Sounds great, right? You hang out in Florida, California, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas or other resort town for a low price, listen to their sales pitch, and respectfully decline to make a purchase in order to go back to your vacation.Continue Reading

The ABCs and 123s of Investing

Its been a long and tiring process, but you paid off your last debt and built up an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. Your budget is now flush with available cash with nowhere to go – at least that’s what you think. In reality, the available cash has a precise destination in the form of long-term investments. Whether it’s your company’s 401(k) or a personal Roth IRA, your leftover money does better in an investment instead of a bank account. The dilemma is where to put your money and how much should be added on a regular basis. To assist you, here is an alphabetical and numerical list of suggested investments.Continue Reading

Steps to Achieve Financial Security

For many reasons that I don’t have time to elaborate on, I have been thinking more and more about financial security. Part of it is my determination to diversify my income streams, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Despite the complexity of my situation, there are many obvious reasons why someone would think about and want financial security. The ability to sleep at night without worrying about paying for this or that. The ability to work when you want or follow your dreams.Continue Reading