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Know Your Health Insurance Acronyms

Acronyms are the way of the world in the 21st century. Be it correspondence on social media or review of government programs, these forms of abbreviated words encompass more of everyday speak than ever before. One of the main culprits of this is the health care system. From PPO and HMO to PCP and AHCA, the acronyms of healthcare can confuse even the most intellectual person.
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First Aid Economics: How to Keep Major Medical Costs Down

What eats up the paycheck of a young family? Is it dining out? Possibly, but not if it’s McDonald’s over Olive Garden. Fuel? In the past the answer would be yes, but gas prices have been steady or fallen the last 18 months. Clothes? Not with so many discount stores and thrift outlets, not to mention the hand-me-downs your kids utilize.Continue Reading

Get to Know Your Health Insurance Acronyms

Health insurance has been in the news since…well, since health insurance was introduced in the 1850s and greatly expanded after World War II. An affordable option in the past, today’s health insurance can cost people more than their mortgage on a monthly basis, especially for those with chronic afflictions. It became a major focal point when health care reform was approved a few years ago.Continue Reading

Insuring Yourself: The Types of Insurance Available for Life

How much is your life worth? Sure, to your young family there is no finite amount; however, the rest of the world believes there is a price on your head. Well, at least one when you pass away or require care due to a disability or failing health. This is what insurance companies around the world believe and do their darndest to sell.Continue Reading