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Lunchtime: Sources to Find Delicious and Inexpensive School Lunch Recipes

The school lunch has drastically changed over the last decade or so. Gone is the typical sandwich/fruit/drink combination. These days the typical student lunch is full of protein, produce, grains, and plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep children engaged in class. Even school cafeterias are making these shifts in lunchtime nutrition, throwing out the French fries and beef burgers for sweet potato fries and turkey burgers. Many schools now have a salad bar where students must stop first before heading into the line.Continue Reading

Gas or Charcoal — What’s the Best Grill for Your Money?

It’s grill season! Yes, that sentence does deserve an exclamation point, because it’s a glorious time for many young parents in the audience. It’s a time to clean off the utensils, scrape down the cooking elements and purchase the appropriate heating materials that make their meats and vegetables taste that much better. For some, the start of grilling season is more important than the Super Bowl and the premiere of The Walking Dead combined.Continue Reading

Dining Out, Dining Cheap: Ways to Lower Your Dining Out Budget

We love to eat out. According to a 2012 survey, 30% of Americans dined outside the home at least once a week, and a good portion of it was fast food. In a 2013 Gallup poll, a third of those questioned said they ate fast food at least once a month. Throw in the increase of fast casual dining places like Qdoba and casual restaurants like Applebee’s or Cheesecake Factory, and there are thousands of places to choose from when a young family isn’t interested in eating at home.Continue Reading

From Garden to Table: Why Home Gardens are Both Fun and Inexpensive

The Farm to Table movement has become increasingly common. Many restaurants are now offering menus that change anywhere from weekly to each season depending on what local fruits, vegetables and grain crops are available. Markets like Whole Foods now carry produce and meat picked up daily from local farms. The same practice is now movingContinue Reading

The Finances of Eating Out Versus Eating In

As a youngster there is nothing more exciting than piling into the car and driving out to a restaurant for a meal. New smells, different foods, and a change of atmosphere tend to raise your spirits, especially when it comes to ordering desert. However, as you reach adulthood and have a family of your own, some of these feelings change when you become the person paying for these experiences. And as you drive to another restaurant where the menu prices are larger than your car payment, you have to wonder if it’s financially worth dining out as opposed to eating a home-cooked meal. To work through some of the pros and cons, here is a comparison of the financial sanity between going out to eat and dining in.Continue Reading