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The Emotions of Debt

Debt is a burden on many levels. Not only is it a financial burden placed on your young family, but it’s also an emotional one. As the expenses mount and the money to pay them all continues to dwindle, negative emotions can come to the surface and cause unneeded strife. Sadly, if the debt and emotions are too hard to handle, a young family can be broken. The good news is there are ways to hold some of the more powerful emotions in check. Below are a few examples and the best ways to counteract them.Continue Reading

Going Against the Debt Creators

My wife’s friend ran into a dilemma – she needed a new car for her family, but didn’t have the necessary funds for a full payment. Because she has no debt of her own, a credit report doesn’t exist under her name. When she presented this situation to the car dealership, the financial officer told her to get a credit card, purchase something with it, and only pay the minimum amount. Once completed, the credit bureaus would be notified, resulting in the generation of a report.Continue Reading