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Furnishing Your Space: Inexpensive Ways to Make A Homey House

You’ve decided to move your young family from the cramped two-bedroom apartment you occupy to a more spacious home in the suburbs. Unlike your apartment, the home has a few more bedrooms, extra sitting space and more square footage overall. You sign the papers, get the key and walk into an empty and spacious home.Continue Reading

How to Not Live in the Material World

One of Madonna’s numerous hits in the 1980s was a little ditty titled Material Girl. In it, Madonna talked about all the guys she dated in the past and how the presents they gave her mattered more than the relationships she had with them. In the end, she declared that she was as material girl. Three decades later, not much has changed.Continue Reading

The New Job Search: Where to Find the Job of Your Dreams

There once was a time where finding a new job was as easy as opening up the Classified section of the newspaper, filling out an application at the place you want to work, or sending out resumes via mail. Today, those options are fewer and far between thanks to the reduction of newspapers, the lack of resume review, and the general loss of jobs thanks to the Great Recession. However, don’t feel discouraged, because there is still a way for you to find the job of your dreams. You just need to journey on a new set of roads to get there. Here are a few options to consider in your job search.Continue Reading

Why Buy When You Can Swap?

Long before the first coin exchanged hands, people tended to barter with each other for a product or needed task. This practice of swapping one skill or object for another faded as cash became the way to garner goods and services. However, thanks to the Great Recession and the Internet, the swap has made a strong comeback. If you can pack it, ship it, or get to the destination, you can trade for work, clothing, and books. Even some local organizations within your community or government allow you to swap unused items for ones you need. Below are some modern-day swaps for your consideration.Continue Reading