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Frugal Fun: Having Fun For Less During the Holidays

By the time you see this, your young children will be in the midst of a holiday break. A long holiday break. A very long holiday break. And they’ll be bored. Correction, they’ll be very bored. They’ll get tired of their Christmas gifts two seconds after they open them and they’ll bother you every five minutes to do something. You, also on holiday break, will shoo them away while you say you don’t have money to do anything. But the kids want to have some fun.Continue Reading

Keep Calm and Keep Shopping: Tactics for the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is underway! Stores are packed with bargains and people while the Internet tempts and tantalizes with deep-discounted items which can be purchased with a few clicks of the mouse. Or, if shopping on a tablet or smartphone, a swipe of the finger. It’s a time where presents under the tree swell while your wallet or purse gets ever emptier. Throw in a young family, and you can feel the financial floor slipping out from under you.Continue Reading

Holiday Vacations: How to Enjoy Without Going Broke

The winter holiday season is nearly upon us. You can tell this by the winter jackets your young family is now wearing, the lack of leaves on the trees, and the non-stop Christmas music on all your preset radio stations. Many people thrive this time of year, becoming jolly and festive as they prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations for friends and family. You? Well, you tend to hide in your basement until the beginning of the new year, despite the fact your family wants to see you. Instead of avoiding the outside for the last 61 days of the year, you may want to consider a vacation to get away from the chaos.Continue Reading

It’s Christmas! Don’t Panic.

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a time of decorating the house, enjoying the company of friends and family, filling the kitchen with the aromas of gingerbread, and wringing your hands at the ever-growing pile of receipts from various physical and Internet stores. Yes, the period from Black Friday til Christmas Eve can be the most stressful for young families as One More Thing Disease keeps you in the stores with a cartful of items you’ll probably never use. This can cause stress and anxiety that is definitely not needed.Continue Reading