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It’s Winter: Time to Get Ready for Summer Camp!

At the time this blog entry is written the Northeast coast of the United States is under a blanket of white. Snowstorm upon snowstorm has inundated the region with feet of snow while below freezing temperatures have kept it from melting. People who live there are cold, tired, and in need of relief. What a perfect time to start thinking about summer camp for your young family.Continue Reading

Parenting and Finance: Should Allowances be Allowed?

The allowance — a decades-old ritual for children. Each week, kids young and old would step up to their parents, put out their hands, and be given precious cash. In the days of Way Back When, this was normally 50 cents or so. Today, an allowance can run parents several dollars a week.Continue Reading

Lunchtime: Sources to Find Delicious and Inexpensive School Lunch Recipes

The school lunch has drastically changed over the last decade or so. Gone is the typical sandwich/fruit/drink combination. These days the typical student lunch is full of protein, produce, grains, and plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep children engaged in class. Even school cafeterias are making these shifts in lunchtime nutrition, throwing out the French fries and beef burgers for sweet potato fries and turkey burgers. Many schools now have a salad bar where students must stop first before heading into the line.Continue Reading

Despite What Your Kids Might Say, It’s Almost Time For School

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of young parents breathing a sigh of relief as they passed the hump of the July 4th holiday season. They now look at the calendar and discover that it won’t be long before their children switch out their pails and shovels for lunch bags and backpacks. Yes, a new school year is right around the corner, despite what your children might say.Continue Reading

How to Pick the Best Summer Camp for Your Children

The ground may be covered with several layers of snow, the thermometer still hovers around freezing and you haven’t seen a patch of green since October. Despite these never-ending signs of winter, summer is only a few short months away, and with it comes the start of the activity planning season. School vacations run somewhere between 70 and 80 days, meaning there are a lot of sunlit hours to fill. For young families with two working parents, this means finding a good variety of programs to keep their children active. One of these happens to be summer camp.Continue Reading

Class Trips: Fundraising Ideas for Your Child’s International Adventure

Class trips aren’t what they used to be for middle and high school students. In older times they would do day trips, weekend stays, or, at the most, a couple of overnights at a campsite or the nation’s capital. Today, young families are experiencing requests from their children to attend trips to London, France, Costa Rica, Peru, or other international destinations. These travel/service project trips are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a life-changer for some of these students. They’re also quite expensive.Continue Reading