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Why It’s Not Bad to be Wealthy

In recent years a movement has come into popularity that split the country. It deals with wealth. Many people feel those who are wealthy – those who make millions, if not billions, a year are evil incarnate because of the accumulation of money. They feel these people have the ability to manipulate government officials to vote their way to keep taxes low, provide numerous monetary exemptions and make laws favoring them.Continue Reading

Promoting Your Creativity: Avenues to Purchase Promotional Items

Creativity and imagination are precious gifts. With them one can design anything, from a glorious painting to a world-class novel praised by all. In many cases, all that is needed is to display the art work or place the book on the shelf. However, there are some situations where additional promotion is needed. In fact, there are some who do both, even though their success increases with each released item.Continue Reading

The Costs of Creating a Small Business

Like the Great Depression remade the landscape of the United States in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Great Recession of the 21st century shook up the employment universe. Jobs vanished and never returned, those who survived received a substantial cut on salary or benefits and hiring became a much tougher challenge. Many of those affected went back to school to obtain a degree and start a new career from scratch. Others gave up on working for someone else and decided to create their own small business.Continue Reading

Navigating the World of Job Auction Sites

Years of working in the same cubicle at the same job doing the same thing day after day have made you reconsider your career choice. Sure, the pay is good and helps provide for your young family; however, you need to do something else to recharge and make you interested in doing work. Since you can no longer stand to stare at the drab fabric walls of your cubicle, you decide to go freelance, using your skills to help others on an independent basis.Continue Reading

The New Job Search: Where to Find the Job of Your Dreams

There once was a time where finding a new job was as easy as opening up the Classified section of the newspaper, filling out an application at the place you want to work, or sending out resumes via mail. Today, those options are fewer and far between thanks to the reduction of newspapers, the lack of resume review, and the general loss of jobs thanks to the Great Recession. However, don’t feel discouraged, because there is still a way for you to find the job of your dreams. You just need to journey on a new set of roads to get there. Here are a few options to consider in your job search.Continue Reading

Is College Always Worth It | An Overview

With the cost of a college degree spiraling nowadays, you need to make sure that spending three years and the best part of $30,000 a year on fees is really the correct option for you. There are plenty of other avenues out there to get your foot on the job ladder and in some cases you may actually end up better off for having spent your three years gaining experience in your particular field.Continue Reading

How to Get a Job After College

Have you recently graduated from college? Is it time to get started in your career? Graduation from college may be an overwhelming time, but getting a job should not be one of those situations. With a little bit of focus and the right amount of determination, you get a job after college and be well on your way to establishing a career.Continue Reading