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Car Troubles: Avoid the Repair Shop With These Simple Car Fixes

Everyone who owns an car dreads the little yellow engine light that appears on their dashboard at the most inopportune time — usually when driving your young family somewhere. At the sight of this warning light thoughts turn toward the repair shop and high service costs which can deplete your emergency fund. Or, perhaps, the repair costs are so huge the car needs to stay in the driveway until enough money is accumulated. Or, perhaps, this is not the case at all.Continue Reading

Fossil, Hybrid or Electric: What Car is Right For Your Family

To quote Mr. Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changin’. The zero carbon movement is in full swing. People are switching to wind or solar for their electricity, recycling and composting their trash, walking or biking to their destinations and trying to live as environmentally conscious as they can. You and your young family are doing so as well…at least to the best of you ability. You eat fewer processed foods, bike to your destinations with your kids and keep the air conditioner at 78 degrees or higher. You think you’re doing well, except for the type of car you drive.Continue Reading

The Do’s and Dont’s of Car Shopping

A car is needed. You realize this after you have to tie a string to the windshield wiper in order to see during a rainstorm. Plus your young family is growing, which means you require additional space and comfort. The problem is you’re unsure about the whole car shopping experience.Continue Reading

An Auto-Free Zone: Can You Live Without a Car?

Let’s get down to the brass facts — owning a vehicle is expensive. Repairs, general maintenance, and constant refueling can cost a young family thousands of dollars a year. Throw in auto insurance, and a large percentage of your household budget can be taken up by one or both of your cars. There are probably moments where you sit in front of your paper or virtual spreadsheet of numbers and absently wonder if you actually need a car. This is followed by a chuckle and a resumption of the budget process.Continue Reading

How to Buy the Right Car for Your Family

The purchase of a new vehicle for your young family can be more nerve-wracking than buying a home or selecting the right college for your children. With so many options to choose from, picking your next car is overwhelming, which may lead to a regrettable choice in the end. Like any other big decision, the purchase of an automobile should be done with clear head and a good deal of information collected ahead of time. Here are a few items to consider.Continue Reading

Tips for Buying a New Car

If you are looking to buy a new car, you may think it is quite simple. Find the car that you want and buy it. Unfortunately, it’s much more complicated than that. Buying a car would be easy if it there were no commission involved for the salespeople. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and you have to fight to get a car for the price that you want. Below are basic steps to buy a new car (many of which will apply if you are leasing a car as well).Continue Reading