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Three Important Things to Say Before You Pay for Something

The pressure to pay and spend money comes from all avenues. Salespeople tempt you with intriguing purchases, advertisements try to lure you into withdrawing money from the ATM and family members seem to have their hands out, literary or figuratively, every time you walk in the door. Getting around these obstacles can be so daunting that many folks give up and just dole out the money to avoid further frustration.Continue Reading

The (Almost) Free Way to Live

A well-worn phrase says that nothing in life is free. Taking this literary, even the air you and your young family breathe costs money. Of course, this is a bogus statement, because there are plenty of things out there that don’t cost any money. Or, to be more specific, may cost very little money for a bigger investment.Continue Reading

Going Local: How to Shop at a Farmers’ Market

Go back to last fall. You and your young family spent a number of weeks canning or freezing pounds of summer and fall produce in preparation for the cold winter months. Now, your pantry and freezer are almost empty and your garden hasn’t’t started to sprout quite yet. You need to find a place to satisfy your cravings for seasonal produce. The supermarket is out, since most of the items there aren’t to your liking. So, where can you go to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies?Continue Reading

Why Buy When You Can Swap?

Long before the first coin exchanged hands, people tended to barter with each other for a product or needed task. This practice of swapping one skill or object for another faded as cash became the way to garner goods and services. However, thanks to the Great Recession and the Internet, the swap has made a strong comeback. If you can pack it, ship it, or get to the destination, you can trade for work, clothing, and books. Even some local organizations within your community or government allow you to swap unused items for ones you need. Below are some modern-day swaps for your consideration.Continue Reading