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First Aid Economics: How to Keep Major Medical Costs Down

What eats up the paycheck of a young family? Is it dining out? Possibly, but not if it’s McDonald’s over Olive Garden. Fuel? In the past the answer would be yes, but gas prices have been steady or fallen the last 18 months. Clothes? Not with so many discount stores and thrift outlets, not to mention the hand-me-downs your kids utilize.Continue Reading

Does a Cable Subscription Make Sense Anymore?

Cable television seems like a slowly sinking ship. In 2013 alone 1.8 million people unsubscribed from their cable service. And why not? All the good shows are on premium channels you won’t pay for, the other channels are full of the commercials and the legacy networks aren’t producing the quality material you once new. Plus, there’s not really a need to subscribe to a cable package when you can see most shows on the Internet or binge watch them in locations like Netflix or Amazon Prime.Continue Reading

Paying Your Bills on Time

Paying your bills on time is not always the easiest thing. In the current economic crisis some find themselves in a financial crunch. There are, however, many important reasons to make sure you do not fall behind and there are a few tips to help you through the process.Continue Reading