Is silver worth investing in?

These days, raising a family is quite costly. It’s important for families to have diverse financial portfolios so that profits from their investments can act as a second source of income, on top of their monthly salaries. Thus, if their finances permit, young parents should consider trading silver if possible.


Although sole investments in silver won’t keep the family afloat, it functions as a hedge against financial calamities, easing the impact of potential portfolio losses. Given the performance of silver in the market over the past couple of months, industry experts are claiming that now is a good time to be investing in silver. Money Morning reported that silver is currently undervalued at $16.35 and it will take markets a long time to recognize this undervaluation, but a savvy investor knows that the best time to buy silver is when spot prices are low.

In the precious metal market, some will argue that gold is more valuable because of its worth per troy ounce but unlike gold, silver is both a precious metal as well as industrial metal. According to Proactive Investors, this gives silver more intrinsic value than gold.

There are numerous ways that you can invest in silver, and as a guide for rookie silver investors, private trading site BullionVault explains the various forms and draws comparisons between the physical metal and derivatives such as exchange traded funds. Each have their own set of benefits and disadvantages. Nonetheless, whatever form of investment you choose, financial analysts expect 2015 to be a good year for silver traders, predicting that the spot price will increase by more than 30 percent in the fourth quarter. And with the progression of silver so far, analysts remain hopeful.

Generally, the precious metals market is extremely volatile, however the deeply undervalued metal is anticipated to increase in worth later on in the year or possibly next year, so now could be the time that you add silver to your family’s financial portfolio.

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