Seasonal Expenses

I woke up today and felt the cool breeze of autumn. While I enjoy seeing the leaves turn colors, not relying on the AC, the ability to wear sweatshirts at night and on the weekends, and the fall season in general as much as anyone else, it goes too fast. Winter is coming and for my family, that means that our budget shifts a little bit. During the summer months, my wife and I tend to take our annual vacation, travel more, eat out more, etc. It’s almost too easy to give into the summer temptations for your budget.

In case it’s not obvious, change isn’t always a bad thing. Yes, the summer did go by really fast and the fall is going even faster, but the winter does wonders for our household budget

How Winter Saves us Money

While some people may think that winter is coming too fast because that means Christmas comes without being financially prepared for buying lots of gifts, my wife and I tend not to buy gifts for each other. Our families decided a couple years back that we have more than we need. While we may still exchange a couple ‘stocking-stuffers’, it won’t be anything major. The rest of our winter budget follows this course of saving.

Eating Out – Due to the weather being colder and rainier, we tend to eat more meals at home. It’s less desirable to go outside and so we tend to enjoy our warm soups and time at home.

Home Entertainment – Likewise, we also tend to rent movies or play board games with friends. This means no concerts (like the black keys), less going to movies, absolutely no putt-putt golfing, and so on. While it may sounds like we become pretty boring people, it’s a nice change of pace from the busy life that we lead in the warm months.

Less Traveling – My wife and I travel for Christmas, but Thanksgiving is usually our Holiday. We either spend Thursday with friends or do something ourselves. It’s not glamorous, but it’s relaxing and frugal. With the exception of Christmas travels, we do very little traveling.

Between all of the things combined, while I am not looking forward to the weather, it sure does help us stay within our means this winter. There’s nothing like a little forced savings.

Do you find that you spend more money in a particular season? Which one and why?


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  1. I feel like whatever season it is, there’s a major expense; in the winter it’s skiing, in the summer and fall it’s vacations! Never ends; fortunately, we try and control routine day to day costs to stay in the green.

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