Reducing Your Expenses at the Movies

If you are trying to save money on your entertainment costs, and you aren’t willing to sacrifice your movie-going experience, you might want to think about how to maximize your experience without breaking the bank. There is no reason why your standard lifestyle should be the cause of financial disaster. Here are some more ways to help you stay in the black.

Bring Your Own Snacks: Am I the only one that hates paying ridiculous prices for snacks at the movies? You can tell that movie theaters make most of their money from snacks by the way that they present them to their customers. They have the see-through display cases so that you can see all of the options. They also strategically locate the snack counter between you and the room that you actually watch the theater so that you will be forced to see all of the tempting options. Do yourself a favor and bring your own snacks. It may be frowned upon, but it is definitely legal and having big enough pockets always comes in handy.

Limit the Occasion: You may want to watch the latest movie that comes out, but is every movie in the theater worth $20 (for two people)? By limiting the frequency that you go to the movies, you not only save money, but make the experience that much more meaningful. Have you ever heard the expression, ”absence makes the heart grow fonder”? It isn’t just limited to relationships – why not apply it here as well.

Use Discount Sites: Instead of paying full price, stay on the lookout for occasional deals that offer promotions. Finding a great deal from online sites can save you money and help justify your desire to go the movies more frequently. If you can only afford to go to the movies once a month, finding a half-off promotion means that you can go twice a month. Or, you could continue with your once-a-month frequency and put the rest of your money in an emergency fund.

Finding ways to do what you want is what Young Family Finance is all about. Sometimes you have to  make sacrifices, but other times you can just be smart with your money so that you can direct it towards what really counts.

How do you save money when you go to the movies?

4 Responses to Reducing Your Expenses at the Movies

  1. Marianne says:

    I thought if you got caught bringing in your own food you’d get asked to leave? Not that that stops me… :)

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  3. […] wrote about reducing your movie theater expenses at Young Family […]

  4. Christa says:

    My husband and I love to go to the movies occassionally, so when we do go, we go all out. I think $40 once or twice a year is a nice treat. If we went more often, we’d definitely sneak in treats and find deals online.

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