Promoting Your Creativity: Avenues to Purchase Promotional Items

Creativity and imagination are precious gifts. With them one can design anything, from a glorious painting to a world-class novel praised by all. In many cases, all that is needed is to display the art work or place the book on the shelf. However, there are some situations where additional promotion is needed. In fact, there are some who do both, even though their success increases with each released item.

Some in the industry, like writer¬†and artist¬†Ilan Shamir, believe there’s a synergy between creative works and the promotional items that go along with them. In many circumstances, the promotional items make more money than the books or original artwork. It’s not that the original works are sub par. Rather, it’s a testament to the popularity that a person wants to use a coffee mug or wear a t-shirt with the author/artists logo or design.

The new author or artist should always be looking for something to boost their income in order to support their young family, and the creation of promotional material may be the way the go. The question many have is how do work on it? First thing to do is grab a piece of paper and add the original work in a center circle. Next, draw lines away from that work, all the while thinking of what promotional items could be created. For example, artists may consider postcards displaying their work while authors look for bookmarks with sayings that connect to their work.

With the completion of the chart the next thing is to find a place to order the works. Of course, the Internet provides a wealth of places to do this. Here are a few locations.


This photo site is not just for cheap prints and Christmas cards. They offer a number of promotional items where you can add an image of your work. For example, calendars featuring book covers or art works or coffee mugs with an image as well as a quote from the book. Snapfish offers regular deals that help those on a tight budget to get the items they need.


The king of Internet promotional sites. A creative individual can purchase almost anything they need from this site — mailing labels, business cards, t-shirts, and so much more. You can store your designs for later use or utilize the graphic order history should more items be needed. Many items are fairly inexpensive. For example, 140 mailing labels for $8. Like Snapfish, Vistaprint offers a good many regular sales.


Like Vistaprint, Cafepress offers up a number of promotional items, with t-shirts being their top seller. The main difference is Cafepress is a print-on-demand operation, meaning creation of items is free and available for later purchase. This allows a creative individual to set up a number of items for creation and shipping when needed.

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