Prepaid Cards – The Perfect Gift?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone? Whether it is for Christmas or for their birthday, you have many options. A few years ago, you were left with very few options. It was either a specific item that you made or purchased OR cash. That was it. Only a couple options. Now, if you don’t know what to get someone one of these choices, you can easily find one of many prepaid cards (whether that is a prepaid mastercard or some other type of card). While I am indifferent to these prepaid cards, many people I talk to think they are the same as cash.

Cash, in case you aren’t familiar, often carries this stigma. Even though most of us would prefer cash over a sweater, there is often a negative connotation with the paper bills. Do these prepaid cards carry the same stigma?

The Problem with Cash

The problem associated with cash is that it is often seen as not caring. In other words, people often assume that you got cash for someone last minute, because you didn’t have time to get a “real” gift. While this may be true for many occasions, it’s not always the case. Sometimes it is too difficult to shop for someone. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t close with them either, it’s just hard to know what to buy sometimes. You may not know someone’s clothing size (and feel uncomfortable asking). You may not know their favorite music, but maybe that’s because you don’t talk about that very often. There are a number of occasions that complicate this issue.

Are Prepaid Cards the New Cash

In many ways, cash has become obsolete. Some people use it still, but I prefer credit cards. The question is then raised, do prepaid cards carry the same negative connotation? While there are many reasons that someone may not like them, I don’t think prepaid cards should be seen with the same stigma as cash is sometimes seen. The reason being (in addition to the complications with cash) is that you can get personalized cards. You may know where someone prefers to shop, but not know what they want to get at that store. Getting a personalized card is one step in the right direction.

What do you think about prepaid cards? Are they the perfect gift?

2 Responses to Prepaid Cards – The Perfect Gift?

  1. Jon says:

    Prepaid Cards for me is a perfect gift. Why I say so because it can be a practical gift and it will give the person an opportunity to buy what he really wants. He can control expenses and reload the card.

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