My New Years Resolutions

While some people may hate new years resolutions, I have come to enjoy them. In the past two years, my wife and I have accomplished a lot more because of resolutions or goals, if that’s the term that you prefer to use. Most people associate resolutions with weight loss. I know that I did for the longest time. But, that’s not all that they have to be. New Years Resolutions can be anything and everything you want them to be.

How to Accomplish Your Goals in 2013

A great way to push yourself in the coming year is to set tangible goals that you want to accomplish. We all should know that time flies. I was reminded of this fact just this past week, when I was spending time with family and enjoying time off. Time flies when you are having fun. It’s that simple. While this is a good thing in many ways, it often leads to missing out on many aspects of life. Many goals are left unaccomplished because we did not spend a few minutes to be intentional with our time.

If you have things that you want to accomplish in the new year, setting resolutions now is a great way to get started. Setting goals doesn’t have any magic to them. There is nothing inherently in and of themselves that turns you into superman or woman. Yet, they do have a way of helping motivate you. When you write down your goals, it becomes a commitment. It sticks in your mind and is a goal to work towards in the coming year. It isn’t something that you can do all in one day, but is something that will help bring about a positive change in your life.

Since I recognize the good that can happen by setting tangible goals, I have decided to join the group of other bloggers who have published their goals.

My 2013 Resolutions / Goals

  1. Work out twice a week for 46 out of the 52 weeks (you have to account for some down time: being sick, vacations, holidays, etc.)
  2. Earn $200 per month from this website
  3. Max out my Roth IRA
  4. Get a Promotion at work
  5. Eat Vegetables at least 5x a week

While I don’t have a lot of goals, I have enough to make a gradual change for the better. As you will notice, I have also balanced out my goals. There are some “health” goals, but also finance and entrepreneurial goals (website, promotion). I don’t know if I will accomplish them all, but I do know that it will get me closer to accomplishing them by writing them out and holding myself accountable.

Do you have any resolutions for 2013?

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  1. Hey, I like your 2013 goals! Ours are similar- reach our financial goals on our blog and from freelance writing, exercise regularly, eat healthy, and just move forward with all of our long term financial goals.

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