Is College Always Worth It | An Overview

With the cost of a college degree spiraling nowadays, you need to make sure that spending three years and the best part of $30,000 a year on fees is really the correct option for you. There are plenty of other avenues out there to get your foot on the job ladder and in some cases you may actually end up better off for having spent your three years gaining experience in your particular field.

Survey the Job Market

On the one hand, in such a competitive job market, it could be argued that a college degree is more valuable than ever before simply because of the amount of candidates fighting for places. With fields such as medicine and law, college degrees are obviously mandatory to gain a position within them . However, with a growing amount of apprenticeships and straight out of high school openings, now could be a good time to start thinking whether or not you really need that college degree.

In the financial sector it is often commonplace to see special apprenticeship and high school graduate schemes running, with certain companies looking to get new people on board and learning on the job. You may even find yourself in a more senior position than a new graduate three years down the line, when you would have been looking to get a job following your college degree. You need to fully weigh up your options and see what is available when it comes time to make your decision. Don’t be afraid to apply for certain high school graduate programs if you feel they are right for you.

Overall Conclusions

Always remember that the option of a college degree will be available even after you first decide not to go. If after a few years in a position you decide that actually you might be better off with a college degree, then by all means start college as a mature student. All you can do is weigh up all your options at the time and make the decision you feel is the right one for you.

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  1. Jon says:


    Great post, I think there is no doubt that too many people jump into college without a reasonably clear idea of what career path they are shooting for and college is not worth it for them(my opinion).

    On the other hand taking a gap year can end up in decreasing your chances of going to college ever and if you do return a study has shown you may eventually make less money –

    Thanks for the great article on a tough decision a lot of high school students face.


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