How To Simplify Your Finances

If you have been living independently for some time then you will have already realized that managing your finances can be a little trickier than you may have first imagined. Keeping your house in order is primarily aided by keeping your finances in order too. Therefore keeping on top of your finances is actually the easiest way to simplify them when you get down to it. Throughout this guide I hope to impart a few tips on how to simplify your finances and make sure that you are only spending what you can afford.

How to Make Your Money Easier to Manage

You need to make sure that all your finances are managed properly. At the lowest level this is simply keeping all your bank statements and reading them thoroughly to make sure that not only can you afford your average expenditure, but that it all looks in order to you as well. However, if you really want to simplify your finances you are going to need to implement some kind of system to make viewing everything easier. You can either set up a spreadsheet yourself, templates of which can be found online for things such as household expenditure and keeping track of any savings accounts, or use some other kind of software that is a bit more in depth. I personally recommend the use of Microsoft Money and you can grab yourself a 30 day free trial to make sure it is right for you as well. Using specific software like this you can manage all your spending and earnings in one easy to view database. This way you can keep on top of your finances and generally keep them simpler because of this.

The general theme of things here is to make sure that you understand how much you can realistically spend each month and not to be afraid of cutting back on certain luxuries if you need to. As long as you are fully aware of your financial situation at all times you have nothing to be afraid of.

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  1. I’m a big believer in simplifying things and that includes your finances. I try to automate everything I can, it makes it much more likely that I will save more money if it is invested before I have a chance to spend it!

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