How to Save Money when Traveling

The past few weeks have been really busy with my family. My wife and I have been going to weddings left and right, as well as taking our annual vacation. As we were driving home from Ohio, where we went to the most recent wedding, I couldn’t help but think about how expensive traveling can be. When you add up all of the gas, housing, food, and forthcoming maintenance costs on our car, our short trip adds up quite quickly. I imagine other young families face the same situation. In that light, here are some of the ways that I have brainstormed to keep the costs low. While it may be necessary to take out loans for emergencies (like those offered at Wonga), following these tips can give you that cushion. Not only will it put you in a better financial position, but help you enjoy your vacations.

Don’t Rush – Rushing to get somewhere when traveling can not only encourage more splurges like buying items at convenience stores, but also lower your gas mileage. Before you push the pedal to the metal, consider whether the time saved was worth the extra dough.

Plan Ahead –¬†Everyone has their own form of traveling. Some like to plan things out to the detail while others fly by the seat of their pants. I’m not trying to get preference to one or the other, but planning ahead of time can save you money. Whether it is deciding where to eat ahead of time, where to buy gas, how much snacks to buy the grocery store, where to stay…it all makes a difference. Planning ahead allows you to comparison shop and not be stuck settling for the more expensive option because you don’t know all that’s out there.

Travel in Groups – Regardless of whether you own your own car or are renting, traveling with other friends or family is a great way to save money. Being able to split the costs in half or thirds is a huge savings.

The next time you are traveling, resist the urge to throw your budget out the window. Instead, pay attention to the costs and keep yourself from going into debt.



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  1. We just got back from a vacation and saved quite a bit on lodging by using Priceline. If you plan ahead you should be able to save enough that you won’t need to use a credit card!

  2. Great tips. I would add using credit card points to pay for your flights and I would add staying in hostels. We use hostels a lot when traveling. They are great. They are clean, cozy, central, and affordable. They have come a long way over the years.

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