How to Improve Your Family’s Finances

It’s been a while since I have written specifically about family finances. In the past year, my wife have made huge progress in our family’s financial situation. In the past year, both of us have received promotions/new jobs, increased our savings, invested more money, and also splurged a little. If you are looking to improve your family’s finances, it starts with a few easy steps.

Increase Income

When I stop to think about the people that I used to work with in high school (who were adults working with me at a fun center), I can’t believe the types of jobs that people held as middle-aged people. It’s no wonder why people struggle financially when they are earning $10-$12 per hour as someone in their highest earning years. I imagine it’s these type of people who face emergencies and look for quick cash for a band-aid answer. If you want to improve your financial situation, it all starts with increasing your income. It really is that simple. You can certainly change your situation based on your spending habits, but if you don’t earn a certain amount of money (like our past situation), you can’t afford to do that much.

Limit Spending

While a lot of it comes down to increasing your income, it also means controlling your spending. This means both prioritizing where your money goes and also telling yourself “no,” sometimes when you really want to buy something. Just keep telling yourself it will be worth it in the long run if you resist the urge to spend all of your money now.

Invest as Much as Possible

The last basic thing you can do is to invest as much money as possible. Many families are tempted to spend their money (again, tell yourself no), but a responsible person who is trying to improve their family’s financial situation makes the conscious decision to invest money. This helps increase the chances of having enough money down the road when you will really need it. Don’t delay too long! The faster you invest, the more money you will earn from interest.

A lot of improving your financial situation means making the difficult decisions to delay gratification. It means doing a little extra work now so that you can rest later. Don’t kill yourself trying to fund an impossible dream, but don’t miss out on opportunities to set yourself up for life because you failed to take action.

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