How to Have a Cheap Vacation

For many people, lavish vacations are a thing of the past. There’s no longer any money for them, at least not like it once was. With massive layoffs and an unsure economic future, it’s no longer wise to spend tons of money on non-essential.  However, because getting away is often necessary for a person or family’s mental health and well being, it is important to find a way to do so. Fortunately, it can be done cheaply.

How to Have a Cheap Vacation

Stay Close to Home: One of the best ways to cut costs when going on vacation is to stay close to home. Rather than travel to some far destination, visiting someplace to close to where a person lives will allow them to save money, mostly in travel costs. Rather than spending a lot of money for airplane tickets or gas (long road trip), an individual or family can forgo these costs. A quick jaunt to somewhere nearby, allows individuals to still vacation but without requiring them to spend a lot of money to do so.

Shop for Deals: The internet is a great placed to find deals. There are many websites dedicated to helping travelers secure really good deals. Many offer discounted vacation packages, hotel stays and car rental. Individuals looking to vacation cheaply would be wise to check some of these out.

Go Camping: This obviously isn’t an option during the winter months, at least not in areas where it gets especially cold or where there is snowfall. However, it’s a great option for just about every other time of the year. It’s also super cheap. The only thing that a person will need is food if they already own camping gear. Camping is one of the cheapest vacation options there is.  People on a budget, should definitely consider it.

It’s not necessary to give up vacationing just because times are tough. These tough times, do, however, require that individuals make adjustment. Four-star vacations or expensive cruises may be out, to pare down costs. In order to do so, it may require that an individual and/or their family be creative and find ways to lower their vacation costs. Going camping, shopping for travel-related deals online and vacationing close to home rather than far away are all options. All of the aforementioned would allow individuals to continue to vacation without ‘breaking the bank” to do so.

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  2. My husband and I are planning a camping trip to the Guadalupe River later this year! Can’t wait. We all ready own tents, a lantern and sleeping bags. Will probably need to pick up a few more items, but besides food and gas (it’s a 3 hour trip), it should be pretty cheap!

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