How to Get a Job After College

Have you recently graduated from college? Is it time to get started in your career? Graduation from college may be an overwhelming time, but getting a job should not be one of those situations. With a little bit of focus and the right amount of determination, you get a job after college and be well on your way to establishing a career. Hopefully it will be one that will have an annual raise.

Identifying Your Target Career

Before you can even begin to look for a job, you need to identify the career area that you wish to enter after college and the role that you would like to accomplish within this area. Of course, for some this will be easier than others as their major has been tailored towards a particular career choice from the very beginning (lawyers and medics I am looking at you). However, for others with majors such as Economics, History, English and Foreign languages, the future may not be so clear to them.

It is important to ascertain what you truly have a passion for, after all you will be looking to enjoy your job more than anything else. Anything in your life whatsoever that you truly enjoy or have a particular interest in will only help in the workplace – if you have a strong passion for something this will show during your job and likely cause a swift step up the career ladder. Everything has a particular production process that you could be a part of; if you have been interested in technology then look for roles you feel qualified for within the technology industry. Identify your target industry through your interests and your role may simply jump out of the page at you.

Searching and Applying for a Job

Upon identifying and limiting the area that you wish to search in using your interests you then need to begin looking for a job within your specific industry. When doing this you need to realise how qualified you are for certain positions; obviously you are not going to fall into a high level position straight out of college, however well you performed in your degree. Because of this you need to determine what positions will likely lead to a longer term career within a certain industry or company. Internships are a great idea for this reason – while they may not pay well or even at all, they are a great way to get your foot in the door and show a company how well you can perform.

If a job does not jump out at you and really grasp you before you apply for it then chances are it is not for you. Don’t get desperate and start applying for jobs purely for the sake of it, if you need to get an interim job at a grocery store until you can find your dream job in your dream industry, then it is not a big deal. Most importantly, do not lose faith! Though I know it can be tough to find a job fresh from college, but you will eventually get one that you really love.

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  1. Once you know what you want, remember to try to meet everyone in that field/job/company that you can. Networking really is the key to finding a job you love. Great post!

  2. Modest Money says:

    In this economy I don’t recommend holding out for that dream job. Sometimes any job in your industry is better than taking a step back and working somewhere like a grocery store. A bit after college I ended up working a grocery store warehouse for a month. It was simply because I couldn’t land any relevant job. That sure gave me motivation to find something though.

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