How to Day Trade

Okay, so you have been reading our blogs for a while now and you have your equipment in order, you have been keeping up with the financial news, and you are utilizing all the free day trading tools that we have told you about. Well, it sounds like it is time for you to take the plunge and officially start day trading. In today’s post we are going to talk to you about Warrior Trading’s One Month Challenge and learn how to day trade using their Momentum Trading Strategies.

As recommended by Warrior Trading start with a $1,000.00 day trading account. Suretrader is a great place to set up a small trading account of this size. The expert at Warrior Trading turned that $1,000.00 into $8,653.16 in his One Month Day Trading Challenge! Now, we do not expect you to have that exact kind of result but it does demonstrate that even by starting small you can substantially grow your modest investment by a good amount in a short period of time using their Momentum Trading Strategies.

The Warrior Trading exert used only trades that were announced in the Warrior Trading chat room. In addition, he only traded using three strategies. Turning that kind of profit with information and strategies readily available to everyone is impressive and there is no reason you cannot repeat his success. Check out the Warrior Trading’s chat room today to see what trades are announced and learn all about Momentum Trading Strategies at Warrior Trading and maybe you too can earn a 750% gain in 1 month. Our expert walks you through the entire month and what he did every day of the challenge so you can learn from him and hopefully recreate his success for yourself.

Another great way to stay connected to Warrior Trading, especially on the go is through Twitter. They often offer fabulous free webinars on Twitter so you can learn more about day trading strategies. You can find Warrior Trading on Twitter.

Now what are you waiting for? You have everything you need to be a successful day trader. Nothing is standing in your way. In one month, you too could turn that $1,000.00 initial investment into a $8,653.16 investment bankroll.

What day trading strategies have you found that work for you? We are always excited to learn about new strategies that working for day traders like you. Please share in the comment section below.

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