Holiday Vacations: How to Enjoy Without Going Broke

The winter holiday season is nearly upon us. You can tell this by the winter jackets your young family is now wearing, the lack of leaves on the trees, and the non-stop Christmas music on all your preset radio stations. Many people thrive this time of year, becoming jolly and festive as they prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations for friends and family. You? Well, you tend to hide in your basement until the beginning of the new year, despite the fact your family wants to see you. Instead of avoiding the outside for the last 61 days of the year, you may want to consider a vacation to get away from the chaos.

Thing is, going on a vacation during the holidays isn’t cheap. Truth be told, prices can double or even triple during this time with crowds doing the same thing. It can be just as bad as going to the mall, if not worse. However, it’s not all dread when discussing these types of getaways. There are a few things you can do in order to enjoy a family vacation. Here are a few things we recommend.

Book early. The population of this world is too big for you to plan a last-minute getaway to Disney World or Aspen. Sure, you could probably do it if you were George Clooney or another famous person, but it can be very expensive for your young family. Like many other things, it’s best to look early for potential vacation spots. And by early we mean first of the New Year. Resorts and cruises tend to offer deep discounts the earlier you book, so you want to watch out for those specials.

Find an off-season location. Ski and other resorts are not the best places to go during the holiday season. Not only do they cost more during this time but their also quite crowded, even during Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Face it, you’re not the only one who wants to get away from it all. You may wish to try to a place not as crowded during this period. For instance, Las Vegas during this period of time and offers some great hotel deals. Just don’t go during New Year’s Eve, because the place is packed then. You may also want to look at locations within your state which offer winter discounts. There’s a good chance you’ll receive top-notch service during this time due to the lack of guests.

Try a staycation. Okay, the ski resorts are full for the week. This doesn’t mean you can’t visit for a day. A day trip can be less expensive than staying at a resort lodge, even though rentals and lift tickets can cost a pretty penny. To avoid paying the high fees look for discounts via local shops or places like AAA to get away from it all, if only for a little while.

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