Get the most out of a Las Vegas vacation

We’re about to state the obvious — Las Vegas is expensive. Be it the multi-star restaurants owned by television chefs, the amount of money spent in the casinos, or even a simple bottle of water from the Walgreens on The Strip, everything costs a bit more in Vegas than it does even in Henderson, the next town over. This means a vacation budget for a young family can exceed its value, especially if research is not done. We don’t want to see anyone’s vacation go sour, particularly if it’s part of a larger trip toward a destination like California or the Grand Canyon. To assist in keeping costs down, here are some tips to get the most out of a Last Vegas vacation.

Sunday through Thursday

Repeat after us: Sunday through Thursday. Sunday through Thursday. This is the time of the week where, bearing any large events, prices for hotel rooms are the lowest. For example, visitors can get a room at Sam’s Town Gambling Hall for under $40 a night during this time. Granted, it’s not on the Strip; however this and other hotels around Vegas are only a short highway drive away. Decide to go for a weekend and can pay sometimes triple for a room anywhere in Vegas.

Go off season

There is an off season in Las Vegas — everything except summer and the holidays. Going during other months not only opens up less expensive rooms in the most desired hotels on the Strip, but it also keeps other costs down as well. For instance, a trip in March or April, when the temperature hovers in the 70s, certainly helps save vehicle economy since the air conditioner doesn’t need to be run. Plus, you don’t need to grab the nearest $4 bottle of water to avoid the scorching desert heat of summer.

Get a club card (even if you don’t gamble)

Most people still head toward Vegas with gambling in mind. However, more folks these days are in the city for shopping, dining, and the nightlife, which means they may not gamble. Those who won’t touch a poker card or slot machine should still consider picking up a club card from their hotel. There are two reasons why. First, they don’t cost anything. Second, they may lead to discounts you weren’t aware of. For instance, some hotels offer lower prices at their buffets for club card members.

Free or low cost attractions

There are still plenty of free and low cost things in Vegas for you and your young family to attend. The good news is most hotel/casino garages are still free to park. Thus, you can park at the Venetian and wander among the Grand Canal Shops or park at Paris and walk across the street to watch the Bellagio’s water fountain show. You can also find low cost and kid-friendly places like the Pinball Hall of Fame. Most games cost 25 to 50 cents to play and the amount of nostalgic pinball machines and video games can keep the young ones entertained for quite some time.

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