Furnishing Your Space: Inexpensive Ways to Make A Homey House

You’ve decided to move your young family from the cramped two-bedroom apartment you occupy to a more spacious house in the suburbs. Unlike your apartment, the house has a few more bedrooms, extra sitting space and more square footage overall. You sign the papers, get the key and walk into an empty and spacious home.

And that feeling continues as the moving company places the last piece of furniture from your apartment into your house. Needless to say, what you had in your previous dwelling doesn’t cover half the space in your new abode. You need furniture to fill up the spaces your young children will now use to race and scream around the house. However, no matter what store you’ve visited, the cost for new furniture reaches into the atmosphere.

There are solutions to this dilemma that are less expensive and don’t result in your young family eating dinner at a table made of milk cartons — unless you want a table like that. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

1. Build your own furniture. One word — IKEA. Should you have one of these build-your-own stores in your area, it’s a good idea to visit it and stock up on low cost furniture made of quality materials. There is one caveat … you need to build most of them. Now this doesn’t mean utilizing a ban saw and welding equipment. All that’s normally needed is a screwdriver, hammer and Allen wrench. Your new furniture can be ready for use in your house in a few hours or few days depending on your building skills and patience.

2. Go thrift. You’d be shocked at the quality of furniture people donate to places like Arc and Goodwill, and not in a bad way. Some people donate lightly worn sofas and tables to these thrift stores that you can purchase for 50% to 75% of the actual selling price. Two things about purchasing from a thrift store. One, there are no refunds. Two, you need to supply the moving materials.

3. Consignment stores. Consignment stores are a step up from thrift outlets in the quality of the furniture. In addition, they’re selling the pieces for another client, meaning the prices are a bit higher in order to make a profit. Still, you’ll end up with newer furniture in better condition should you purchase from this type of store.

4. Purchase from Craigslist. This is the riskiest and least expense option, because sometimes you can pick up furniture for free. Well, just as long as you stop by person’s house before another purchaser gets there. Should you not make it, Craigslist can help you furnish an entire home for a fairly low price. You just have to be mindful of the products being offered. An item advertised without a picture may be pure junk or goldmine. Don’t be pressured to buy an item if you don’t think it’ll fit in your household and make sure you barter with the person to get your desired price.

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  1. These are great suggestions! I have used thrift stores and especially Craigslist to furnish my apartment after a big move. If you are willing to be patient you can find great items. I have also asked around to family and have been lucky to receive great “hand me downs.”

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