Be a financial hero for your family

Superheroes are cool. No matter how young or old your are, watching a movie or television show featuring your favorite character is still a thrill. Many of these heroes seem perfect to everyone, from their morals to the way they comb their hair. They don’t take out unneeded bank loans or sign up for credit cards. For if they did, their hero status could be tarnished.

Right now, you’re a hero to your young family members. You enter the front door and they come crashing into you asking for hugs and sometimes flights around the living room. Yet, when they’re in bed and you look at your financial statements, you don’t feel like the hero they make you out to be. You’re not a villain either, unless you robbed a bank to pay off your debt. In the end, you’re just a mild-mannered civilian who needs battle the evil of debt just like everyone else.

The good news is you can become a financial hero to yourself and your young family, and it doesn’t need any costume change in a phone booth. All it needs is certain super powers you already have at your beck and call.


In order to become a financial hero you need to understand your monetary problems aren’t going to solve themselves or dissipate in a short period of time. You need to utilize your powers of patience to pay your debt down and stabilize your financial situation.


When Superman is debilitated by Kryptonite he still does what he can do defeat the villain of the week or month. You also have this ability in your power arsenal. Your Kryptonite is most likely not a piece of rock from the planet Krypton. It’s more in the vein of meals out, expensive trips, or other items which have damaged your credit line. Despite all of those items which leave you weak in the knees, you need to utilize your powers of perseverance in order to get past the evil of spending more than you own.


Batman doesn’t stop until he has captured the criminal and made sure justice was meted out. Because of this his determination is legendary. If Batman can be determined why can’t you? The villain known as your debt laughs every time you pay for something with a credit card. To defeat your arch-nemesis you need to display extraordinary determination and pull away from those products or payments which stop you from lowering your debt.

It’s up to you, financial hero. Your young family already things of you as superhuman. Prove them right by unfurling your cape, leaping a tall ledger, and making inroads toward lowering your debt. They will be grateful for all eternity.

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