eBook Business: The (Almost) Free Ways to Publish Your eBook

The eBook industry is big these days. No, make that huge. Make that tremendously huge. In 2013 they made up $3 billion of all book sales and they continue to move forward, if not a bit slower, in 2014. What makes them attractive is their low price and portability on devices like the Nook or Kindle. In turn, this has caused an increase of writers who have embraced this form of books, flooding the market with a whole new generation of authors.

You can be one of these authors for little cost other than the monthly bill paid to the Internet company. All right, maybe it will cost a bit more, but that’s only if you decide to go the professional route with an editor, cover, promotion, etc. The reality of self-publishing is you should do all of the previous mentioned to sell your book, and you can do so for lower costs than a traditional publishing house would charge. Here are some of the (almost) free ways to get your book out to the public.

1. Write and edit. First things first — write the darn book. The difference between an eBook and a traditional printed tome is an author doesn’t need to produce a 80,000 piece. Actually, many eBooks are about the size of a novella, which is around 20,000 words. At the completion of the writing you want to get an editor to review it all if you actually want to sell the books. There may be a cost for a professional editor to review your book; however, try to find someone from a local writing group who may be willing to edit your material on a barter basis.

2. Make a cover. The cover of a book is what entices many readers to purchase and read on, so it needs to look professional. You can certainly pay several hundred dollars to a site like 99designs, but you may want to look for someone in your area to create a front cover. You may even want design one yourself with stock photos from various websites or utilize the cover design options places like CreateSpace or Smashwords offer to its subscribers.

3. Publish. There are plenty of sites that allow you to publish your eBook, with the only costs being the fees they collect each sale before they send your royalties. CreateSpace helps you publish your eBook via Kindle Direct Press while Nook and Kobo help get your eBook prepared for their reading devices. The place that may require a fee payment is BookBaby. Where the other ePub companies accept .doc and .rtf documents for transformation, BookBaby only takes documents in the .epub format, which is not easily formatted in programs like Word. Should you wish to publish with BookBaby you may need to pay $99 for them to format your book.

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