Despite What Your Kids Might Say, It’s Almost Time For School

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of young parents breathing a sigh of relief as they passed the hump of the July 4th holiday season. They now look at the calendar and discover that it won’t be long before their children switch out their pails and shovels for lunch bags and backpacks. Yes, a new school year is right around the corner, despite what your children might say.

Should they not believe you, take them on a shopping trip to one of the big box retailers and look at the promotion aisles. Gone are the suntan lotions, ice chests and swim tubes. In their place are notebooks, scientific calculators and packs of inexpensive number 2 pencils. It makes the leaders of a young family tingle in anticipation and their children sob a little at the eventual end of summer.

Well, it might make the parents cry as well once they start calculating the costs of clothing and school supplies in their minds. There’s no need to fret, because there are numerous ways they can save money on those items and be ready for school. Here are a few tips.

Buy Early

There’s a very good chance your children came home with a list of school supplies for the next year. And if you happened to throw it away, there’s an even better chance it’s online at the school’s or district’s website. No matter how you obtain this list, take it to the closest store that sells inexpensive school supplies and stock up now since you’ll probably get those supplies at deep discounts. Do not wait for the last minute. By the time you do that the stores will have their Halloween items out. And before you even leave the house it’s best to do an inventory of the supplies they brought home during the last day of school. There may be some items in those piles that you can cross off your list.

Don’t Cave

Your child has a perfectly good black backpack for the next school year, but they want a blue backpack with sparkles because everyone else is getting one. The answer to give your child on this is an emphatic “No.” Okay, tell them something about being unique and not one of the crowd in order to disguise the answer, but make sure not to cave in. Young parents have gone broke in past generations over the trends their children had to have or else they would be shunned in the lunch room.

Check for Reduced Programs

Not every school district limits their reduced breakfast or lunch program to those with low incomes. You may make a fine income but be stretched due to the amount of children you have. Check with the district to see what the amounts are and if you qualified for any reduced meal program at school. Not only will the children receive a nutritious meal but it will also help you stretch your grocery budget as well.

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