Cheap Hobbies to Save You Money

As I discussed last week, having hobbies saves you money. There is something inherent within keeping busy that keeps you from spending money. It is part of the curse of being an American. We always “need” to stay busy and active and somewhere in the past, our culture bought into the myth that shopping is a hobby. Perhaps it is a result of having too much money. Regardless of the cause of this spending urge, it is important to keep your mind on other things. Instead of spending all of your money away, staying active and engaged in activities helps you save money.

This is true as long as your hobby is not really expensive. For example, deciding to pick up a sky-diving hobby is not going to help you save money. While I don’t know the exact prices, I believe it’s hundreds of dollars for each jump. It’s not my idea of a cheap romantic date if you have someone with you. Instead, selecting cheap hobbies can increase your odds at saving money.

Frugal Hobbies to Help you Save Money

There are many great hobbies that can help you save money. Here are just a few that I enjoy.

Hiking: Getting out in the wilderness for a day hike a great hobby. It not only doesn’t cost you a thing (other than snacks that you may bring with you), but it helps you slow down and enjoy the outdoors. It can also keep you active and healthy, thereby lowering health costs in the future. Talk about a win-win!

Frisbee: Playing frisbee with friends, whether it’s ultimate frisbee or just a casual throwing back and forth, is another great hobby. Before you know it, you will learn unique ways to throw it and develop a skill to show off at the next family reunion.

Tennis: Tennis is one of my favorite sports. I started playing in high school and have loved it since then. I am teaching my wife how to play so that we can stay active this summer. There are public courts almost everywhere and there’s nothing better than feeling the racket in your hand.

Card / Board Games: Great weather doesn’t last forever and having a few indoor pastime activities is an absolute must. My wife and I enjoy a good board game with friends. It is much better than a movie because it actually encourages people to get to know each other.

Beach: Taking a short trip to the beach is full of fun activities. You can not only enjoy the sun, but also play in the waves, make sand sculptures and much more. Who doesn’t enjoy the beach?

Learning to establish cheap, frugal hobbies is all about finding things that you enjoy and doing them repeatedly. Before you know it, you will become a pro and help others find enjoyment in the same activity. What could be better?

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  1. Another one you could add to the list is volleyball. The per person cost of renting a gym and playing a couple rounds of volleyball is a lot cheaper than most hobbies.

  2. Another one for this list is card making. It takes well to leftover supplies from paper and fabric projects.

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