Cheap Entertainment Options: Zero Cost Fun

With the spiralling cost of going to the movies and almost every entertainment option now coming lumped with a large fee, finding things to do with little to no money can be difficult. Fear not though, as there are plenty of free things that you can do to pass the time and enjoy yourself with friends, and this is the key factor: time. While it is always an option to compare credit cards online and pay for luxurious entertainment options on credit, we know that it’s not the best way of living life.┬áSpending time with friends is primarily where cheap entertainment will come from, seeing the people that mean the most to you. However this still does not tackle the issue of what to do while with them.

cheap entertainment options

Considering it is summer and staying active is an equally important part of life, heading down to the park with a group of friends is always a great way to enjoy yourself. The only potential cost is a soccer ball or football if for some reason nobody within the group owns one of these. A little tag football or a 5 a side soccer game will certainly bring about some laughs all round and get everyone involved for some summer afternoon fun. If you want to its even a great idea to make it a regular thing, soon you’ll be looking forward to a weekly 5 a side game with your friends and have a chunk of your week tied up with absolutely free entertainment.

Entertainment on a Budget

Keeping yourself and your group entertained for absolutely nothing might not be such a realistic option in this day and age, as there will likely be a cost for anything you really want to do. Fortunately you don’t have to blow the bank trying to fund your options for entertainment while still having a great many options available to you.

Within your friendship group organising a movie night is always a great idea. Each member takes it in turns to have everyone else round, pay for a movie rental and split the cost of a pizza. All of a sudden you’ve got a nights entertainment for around $5 each with a little extra cost to whoever is hosting that particular night for the movie rental.

Always keep an eye out for deals in bars and clubs for particular nights out, if you and your friendship group find an evening that you really like then it could become a more regular occurrence. If you are all pretty happy to make fools of yourselves then karaoke is always a cheap night together with a barrel of laughs. With themed nights like this there are also often deals on drinks as well to get as many people through the door.

If you are actively looking for it, then numerous cheap opportunities for nights out will show themselves to you. Keep a eye out for posters around town or ads for certain events in your area. There is always something to do if you look for it.

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