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I’ve Got the Music in my Stream: The Cost of Music Streaming Sites

The CD is dead, and we’re not talking about the Certificate of Deposit. Although, that has also faded over the years due to low interested rates. However, that’s for another entry. What we’re talking about are those shiny discs of music that replaced the venerable long-playing records back in the early 1980s. Sure, you still see some places selling them but with less frequency than before. In other words, you don’t sit at the entrance to the Wal-Mart waiting for the latest Taylor Swift release.Continue Reading

Macroeconomics: What Really Drives the Forex Market?

Forex markets aren’t like traditional financial markets. With traditional markets, the market is made up of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of private companies. These companies’ profits are, ultimately, what drives the pricing of the stock of each company and, in turn, the overall price of the market, collectively. But, in the forex market, the market is largely driven by traders, political and economic activities, and by central banking. It’s also driven by:Continue Reading

Crowdfunding: Is it Right for You?

The Internet has done many things for society. In addition to allowing us to see cute pet videos and friends and families taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge it has also brought strangers from across the globe together is a large, virtual social gathering. We share opinions, photos, videos, various links of importance or inanity and, in some circumstances, money. In many cases this is done in the form of crowdfunding.Continue Reading

Best Paying Jobs for 2014

Highly paid careers are on the wish list of everyone. Everyone who wishes to have a high paying career must first begin by planning out their path. Here is a list of the best paying jobs for 2014.Continue Reading

Lifestyle Check List: New Year, New Me

As expected with the tradition of New Year, many of us have set ourselves resolutions, all of which are designed to help improve our lives in some way. Most commonly we look at more aesthetic ways to better ourselves, we diet, exercise, clear out the wardrobe, and try to cut down on alcohol and cigarettes. However, while all these goals are good, there are many more important facets to think about when casting your mind to the future, the most obvious being our finances and assets.Continue Reading

An Auto-Free Zone: Can You Live Without a Car?

Let’s get down to the brass facts — owning a vehicle is expensive. Repairs, general maintenance, and constant refueling can cost a young family thousands of dollars a year. Throw in auto insurance, and a large percentage of your household budget can be taken up by one or both of your cars. There are probably moments where you sit in front of your paper or virtual spreadsheet of numbers and absently wonder if you actually need a car. This is followed by a chuckle and a resumption of the budget process.Continue Reading

Easy & Best Way to Do Your Christmas Shopping

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and while that means a lot of things, it means, perhaps most importantly, that Christmas shopping is in full swing. Regardless of whether you are planning to hit the shops on Black Friday or not, you need a plan to do it the right way. Christmas shopping is something that has evolvedContinue Reading

Weighing up whether to splash on kids clothes

Tiny dresses for 100 pounds or more? While designer kids’ clothing may look adorable, is it really worth all the money? It turns out that, as with everything, there are pros and cons. Read on to learn more about whether you should part with your hard-earned money and splurge on designer duds for your littleContinue Reading

Fixing Your Past Financial Mistakes

Things are pretty new to you these days. You have a new spouse and are starting a new family. From where you sit, things are pretty shiny, almost like the slate has been cleaned. Yet, underneath it all, there are some old issues to settle – the financial mistakes you and your spouse made in the past. It could have been done separately or when you just started out, but those items still linger just out of view. In the end, they put a tarnish on the newness of your lives. Luckily, there are simple things to do to correct these monetary errors in order to brighten your family’s future. Here are a few examples.Continue Reading